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rsheldon on June 22, 2021
Hey there! Welcome to the SEO Study Group. The purpose of this post is to walk you through the experience of getting started and how to get the most value out of this Study Group. If you have any specific questions or comments, please reply in the c read more
223 Replies
May 21, 2022 12:27
Mara - I agree that SEO is underrated and overlooked. While watching some of the videos I realized that when I search for things I'm almost always more
CallMeLiv on May 21, 2022
Say I open an Etsy shop can I "influence" the SEO of my shop page (on search engines)? I'm guessing I could make sure that I have key words in my shop and item descriptions but since I didn't make the website, I'm geussing no? How does SEO work on s read more
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AUGEdward on May 20, 2022
Hi all! I am new here, and I was wondering can anyone tell me what software can I use to determine what keywords my website ranks for? Thanks! Edward
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Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
May 22, 2022 00:34
Hi, we use Moz keyword explorer. You can enter a domain and it'll tell you what keywords you rank for. For example: Hope that more
SGibbs on May 20, 2022
My brother decided he wanted me to learn SEO and do my best to get the website on page 1 of google, or more realistically as high as possible, I took the SEO training course on Hubspot, worked hard using all the information I'd gained and 3 weeks la read more
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Community Manager
May 20, 2022 12:39
Hi @SGibbs , Thanks for sharing your SEO success story with us! I'll add some top contributors from our community to get this more
rsheldon on May 02, 2022
Hey all! In case you haven’t heard, we wanted to let you know that World Certification Week from HubSpot Academy is back for 2022! It will take place from May 9-13. For those that don’t know, World Certification Week (WCW) i read more
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TWolfe on April 25, 2022
I want my business to be known for helping business owners create solutions and systems that help them run their business more efficiently. I have a question on Pillar Pages and the RankBrain Update. I don't understand the structure of the Pilla read more
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May 02, 2022 07:44
You can read this blog. This blog will help to solve your problem deeply.
BManor on April 18, 2022
Is SEO difficult to learn or understand? I have seen a lot of tutorials digital marketing but for some reason I feel like SEO is difficult to understand because I don't get it. Currently studying SEO fundamentals on SEMrush and LinkedIn but still read more
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Community Manager
April 25, 2022 02:19
That's a really clever comparison, thank you for sharing @OKBorak ! 🙂 Cheers Mia, Community Team
PPethani on April 16, 2022
I am a student.
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Key Advisor
April 16, 2022 20:55
Awesome! Happy learning! Feel free to reach out with any questions!
Christiana1 on April 15, 2022
Hello, I am an assistant for a company and my boss would like to know more about SEO and what we can do to get our company listed higher on the Google search page. (Secondly, we're also hoping to increase traffic and get new leads). Please l read more
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Community Manager
April 19, 2022 06:13
Hi @Christiana1 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I found this blog article very helpful when I was facing the same more
MIkechi on April 15, 2022
Constant practice helps bring out the better writer in you
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Community Manager
April 19, 2022 06:00
There is no way around it, is there? 😄 Practice makes perfect 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Cheers Mia, Community Team
SJoseph26 on April 14, 2022
Is there need of submitting the workbooks? Because it's in form of pdf and I'm done but don't see option or how to submit it? Is it just for personal evaluation?
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Community Manager
April 20, 2022 00:31
Of course, you're very welcome! 🙂 Mia
AWeihgold on April 13, 2022
Hi everyone, I am happy to be part of the group. I am actually asking myself if there is a concret content link between the Hubspot Website Grader and the logic of pillarpages and the SEO optimization? The website grader tells me, I do have 30 ou read more
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April 18, 2022 04:20
Hi All, Now it is time to fly with SEO. Because DM is nowadays on boom and specially SEO. Everyone is looking for new oppertunities in this field more
Sam62 on April 13, 2022
Hi, There's a huge confusion in the market, especially for beginner SEOs. They think if we link to a domain that has a less domain authority (lets say between 12-20), then it can hurt the SEO and ranking of the page they're providing link from read more
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Guide | Diamond Partner
April 20, 2022 01:03
I agree with @rikkilear , @Sami His caveats are bang on. And, if you think about it from Google's perspective... Let's say you have a more
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