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    • Hey all! We are currently using Hubspot as a way to funnel customers/participants into a program admissions process for an upskilling course. There are a few things that we are looking to try to get Hubspot to do - any advice would be helpful! ...read more
    • We have different stages assigned to different people in our Deal Pipeline. How do we move a deal between stages so that the next person is automatically assigned after the current stage is completed? How do we track the number of days that a deal ...read more
    • Earlier this year HubSpot introduced a payments tool focused on helping you grow your eCommerce presence from within your CRM. Since then, the product team has been working behind the scenes to enhance this tool with new features and integrations, ...read more
    • Is it possible, with a playbook, from a Deal record, to save a Q&A response to a contact property and associate it with a contact record on that deal? ...read more
    • Solutions partners’ sales teams can now learn to sell HubSpot like HubSpot! This lesson will teach salespeople how to prepare, set up, personalize, and close the “Why Choose HubSpot CRM platform sto ...read more
    • Hi Everyone - I'm NEW to the Hubspot community and couldn't be more excited to get started. Just wondering - how do you all get your leadership excited about Hubspot? How do you get your sales leadership engaged? Thank you and be sure to s ...read more
    • Thank God we've had a bunch of contacts who were unengaged for a while, then became reenaged. We ar elooking for a way to tell what date or email got them reengaged. I was thinking of using Sends since last engagement, but I can't figue out a wa ...read more
    • We had an interesting challenge this week - using hidden fields in a non-HubSpot Form. Usually we embed HubSpot forms in websites to make it easy to control. But in this case the website was all custom bespoke code with forms on hundreds of pages. ...read more
    • Hey everyone, I am new to Marketing Hub (almost done with my certification now) but would love any tips and best practices that you would like to share! A little about me, I am a Project/Account Manager for Knowmad Digital Marketing Agency and ...read more
    • Hi all! I'm migrating my website to HubSpot and looking for some advice in terms of how to handle the migration best in terms of SEO. SEO is pretty much the only marketing channel we have currently (although looking to build out others when the ...read more
    • Hi, I am trying to figure out how to send an email to an existing case. In my previous CRM experience this was done using a Reference Number in the subject line but I am trying to figure out how HubSpot does it. I am aware you can log an em ...read more
    • Hi I am looking for suggestions as to the best way to monitor email conversations between our customer support team and clients. I want to set up SLA's and reporting to ensure that we respond to clients in a timely manner. Email conversations curre ...read more
    • Hi, We just migrated our support system from Freshdesk to HubSpot. In freshdesk we managed to add emails to our inboxes and if a user receive an email, it would automatically assign the ownership to him. In HubSpot it is a bit different, y ...read more
    • Is it possible to have a ticket created from a form without a conversation? I'm trying to understand why you would want that information in two places and with two different owners potentially. For our use case, I need a ticket routed to a ...read more
    • Hallo, we've been using ServiceHub since autumn 2021 and integrated CSATs for closed tickets. The idea is that a customer receives a CSAT request after a ticket has been closed. Of course we need to respect various exceptions for having this autom ...read more
    • I started this post on LinkedIn, 7 days ago. I thought I'd share this with revops community and get thoughts on ideas etc. Glance is at an interesting juncture. We are on our journey to recruit 100 paid customers in the next 100 days. The ...read more
    • RevOps with HubSpot Summer School Enroll now until July 25 at 9 AM (EDT) Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 About the event For the first time ever, HubSpot Community and RevPartners are organizing a free education ...read more
    • Hey folks, Frans with Data Sync here. We have a connector for Lime CRM available in beta right now, to sync Contacts, Companies & Deals two-way with HubSpot. It requires access to the Lime CRM API, but no special features inside of Hu ...read more
    • How Subscription Data Empowers Your GTM Teams June 28, 3PM EST / 2PM CST Register now If your finance team is the only one with eyes on your subscription and payment data, you might want to grab a seat. Join HubSpot, Stripe, and ...read more
    • Hi everyone! If you're passionate about the field of operations, RevOps, or Operations Hub, and want to share your expertise with your fellow community members, you can now become a community contributor. Our community continues to grow, ...read more

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Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champions of the Month for July & August 2022 are… our week of rest contest winners! @Anton @karstenkoehler @Mike_Eastwood @danmoyle @Brenner W e are very fortunate to have such remarkable and valuable contributors in our Community. These 5 individuals consistently help our community membe...

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