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    • In our "Old Tool" (i.e. the one we had before Hubspot) we could list all sales activities of a given type (i.e. Sales Meetings) for any Agent or Team, and then drill down by clicking on the activity, to get back to the particular client / meeting. ...read more
    • We have recently begun showing our sales team how to connect their inboxes and calendars within HubSpot to help them share content, snippets etc and link to existing contacts to help add benefits to their interactions and increase efficiency. H ...read more
    • So I have a music school with students having their own custom object. We have 12 date properties that need to trigger email notification on the date chosen. Workflows don't support Custom Object Date Properties type for the Enrollment Trig ...read more
    • Hi guys, New Sales Hub user here. I'm currently trying to figure out what is the best way to log in contact's email activity in the CRM. Basically, my goal is to have a cohesive view of all email conversations tied to a particular contact. We ha ...read more
    • Accept payments once their customers fill out a form, plus capture leads and track payments all on one platform with the payments in forms feature for HubSpot Payments . How does it work? When a visitor submits the form, the visit ...read more
    • Hi, Let's say i want to send an automated email after 24 hours if customer didn't respond to a support email. Should i use ; marketing emails and define their status as marketing contacts? Or what is the best automation to use there? mar ...read more
    • Looking for solutions for a two-way operation, and feedback/suggestions are much appreciated. On one side we have the "front end" companies that provide a certain service. "The Deal" is closed once the company signs up with us, and we become their ...read more
    • We have a specific page in our web app where we want to surface a specific Knowledgebase article in the chat widget, to help our users more easily navigate this part of our service, and minimise support interactions. I've found how to design a c ...read more
    • I want to confirm that I am able to create free users from our instance and confirm they can view and complete tasks assigned to them directly. I know that accessing tasks in a queue does depend on a Professional or Enterprise license. I also want t ...read more
    • I have created a team to receive notifications of when a particular form is submitted. The form has multiple categories and would like to assign the ticket to the team member for a particular category. Any suggestions? ...read more
    • Our team put together a comprehensive guide on how to implement the RevOps framework in 5 simple steps. Here's an outline of the topics covered: 1. What is Revenue Operations? Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a B2B fun ...read more
    • Hi, I'm attempting to clear out a number of dates that were added by mistake. Some of our deals should have an empty custom date field and I'm trying to remove these in bulk. Has anyone found a way to clear out data from a field through an impor ...read more
    • Hello! I am looking to sync several deal properites from Pipedrive to HubSpot. The one giving me the most issues is the "Deal owner" property that's native to HubSpot. It appears that the Pipedrive "deal owner name" field doesn't want to sync wi ...read more
    • Hopefully I am posting this in the right group. 🙂 Are the any experts out there that have a hack for this scenario? We have a file being uploaded nightly into Hubspot with these two properties. We don't have the ability to easily modify this ...read more
    • Marketing “oldie” but SDR/AE process newbie here. I'm working on re-vamping our lead management process and am wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share their advice and/or how they do it. Here's some context: We're a super sma ...read more

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Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for September 2022 is… @Jnix284 Jennifer has been in the Community since April 2022 sharing her knowledge in the forums, mostly in the CRM & Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and HubSpot CMS spaces, but also in the Content Strategy & SEO study group. What makes Jennifer our Com...

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