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    • Hi Everyone, We are currently using a classic lead management process and funnel. We generate Leads than marketing qualifies (MQL), then Sales qualify them (SQL) and then Sales could create an Opportunity. This works well for Leads that came ...read more
    • After importing our contacts into HubSpot, we realized that we had a number of created companies that no longer existed. Finding them manually in 2000 total companies tedious . Also, we could not rely on the lack of a company icon to identify the ...read more
    • So we have deals through partners of ours that we enter, but they may in turn be trying to win the same end customer business, meaning we can have duplicate deals in the CRM, embellishing numbers. What is the best way to approach this? Should foreca ...read more
    • My company has a Hubspot Account. Let's call it "Corporate." This Hubspot Account has its own contacts in Hubspot CRM. We also have three separate operating divisions. Let's call them "Division 1", "Division 2" and "Division 3" each with thei ...read more
    • Hi! I'm new here and would appreciate some pointers! I'm trying to setup a report where I can use invoicing frequency, line items, billing frequency to calculate how much is generate month on month. For ex. Billing frequency is Quarterly Co ...read more
    • My company has GDPR in place, and from my understanding, if someone signs up for our blog, they can't be automatically added to our general newsletter. Is that correct? I was wondering on what would be best practice for having visitors sign up for b ...read more
    • I'm trying to help a CTO implement hubspot in a Subscription-based SaaS getting for the first time into automation, nurturing, combining Marketing + Sales etc. I'm trying to find a bit of a "blueprint" of the things to consider, with a focus on th ...read more
    • I am looking for a solution to create a reporting tool that allows marketing team members to see unique vs total link clicks within one email. So for example, if one of my firm's marketing emails has 3 links (test.com, me.com, and marketing.com ...read more
    • We have a refer-a-friend system. Our client platform passes a code to HS for each client (referral code) When this code is used it shows on the new customers contact record as referral code used and the email of the referer. I need a trigger to em ...read more
    • Hi there, I just wanted to get some opinions regarding best SEO practises for localization set up. Our business is based in the UK and thats the main audience at the moment. We are planning to add more countries, so we may show a slightly d ...read more
    • When clients come to the site, the chat widget is open with "Got any questions? I'm happy to help." text 1. How do I run this minimized always and by default. I understand that there were answers where the broswer supposedly remembers when visit ...read more
    • I'd like to create a Call date and time for a prospect and then email the prospect and let him know when his phone call can be expected. The problem is when I merge in the "Next Activity Date" into an email template, and then produce the email, ...read more
    • Hi, I'm creating a ticket based if/then branch workflow. In it I'd like to check if tickets have associated companies and deals. One set of actions would follow if the ticket does have associated companies/deals and another set of actions would fol ...read more
    • How to achieve this on hubspot live chat? like adding a form field? On chatflows i can't see any option to add and style a field ...read more
    • Hello, We use Hubspot in our company and are doing some surveys through Hubspot. Now we want to create an NPS survey, but we need this survey to be inside our product, we need an option that we can publish them by URL and configure them as well. Do ...read more
    • Hi all, for purpose of data integrity, I would like to be able to create the following workflow: Trigger: Deal stage becomes closed won. Action: webhook and initialize a XERO Invoice, then immediately send back the XERO Invoice_ID and ...read more
    • I have a client who has an app integrated with HubSpot. This controls a field called App_Status. The app failed to update the app_status of contacts in HubSpot, so I did a mass upload to update their app_status. I am wondering if Ops h ...read more
    • RevOps with HubSpot Summer School On-Demand Educational Program Access Content Here Hi everyone! Last month Matt Bolian of RevPartners and I joined forces to deliver a three-day education program on the science of revenue growth. ...read more
    • Hi, Does anyone know the format to reference the v1 API from custom code with Node js? I'm trying to use the contact list API. For v3, the API URL to get contact info is something like: /crm/v3/objects/contacts/2360301 And the equivalent ...read more
    • Hey, RevOps community! 👋 What lifecycle stages do you use if you are using a Free Trial Conversion playlist? Our company offers both a Free Trial and a Free account option after the free trial is complete (30 days) and I am trying to figure ou ...read more
    •   Hey Community, Thank you so much for attending INBOUND 2022! We hope you enjoyed your in-person or digital experience and came back with actionable takeaways 🙂 Did you miss an INBOUND 2022 session due to time constraints o ...read more
    • Hey everyone, first time poster here! My company wrote a blog recapping the biggest takeaways from INBOUND 2022 , feel free to give it a read! ...read more
    • Hey Community! Are you curious about what is launching for HubSpot this month? As humans, we crave real connections, whether it's a friendship, making a connection with someone at a coffee shop or an online forum, or feeling connected wi ...read more
    • Hope I'm not too late to share this post. 😅 So what is this thread about? This post is about my experience of attending the most informational, enjoyable, and amazing event of the year - INBOUND 2022. First of all, it felt re ...read more
    • Hey Community! Last week the Community was mentioned by our Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah, phrases like: "When I discovered the Community I never looked back, it's the only place I felt I fit in" "When I think of the community I think ...read more

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