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    • Just wondering if anyone has been able to set up how to send personalised thank you for signing up to our mailing system email? Is there a way in HubSpot for this to work instead of just having a thank you on the screen after a customer has fi ...read more
    • Hello, I have done an optimization scan on my webpages and it says my home page has six H1 tags, and my other pages two H1 tags. It seems related to the number of sections/modules on the page. Is there anyway to edit the sections to change the H1 ...read more
    • I need to send a Slack notification and do a few actions each time a form is submitted. I need this to happen even when the same contact submits a form again (they forgot o include details, etc.). I have re-enrollment switched on: I have t ...read more
    • I have a workflow that sends a follow-up email to every contact that downloads something from our website (as a result of filling out a form). If the contact downloads multiple things across a few days, I don't want them receiving the email over ...read more
    • Hi! The blog page of my website currently works by hiding/showing posts using JavaScript for each "page" number. I'm trying to convert this to a more useful setup by linking every batch of posts to an actual page so that I can add code for the pagin ...read more
    • I'm looking for a way to forward emails between Inboxes without losing the connection to the original Ticket Inbox A will be for external emails, Inbox B for internal use only. I want to be able to use Inbox B to see the original, external, email, ...read more
    • Hi all, We use hubspot service hub's support ticketing function and like many companies, we send an automated response when a new ticket is made. Some of our clients communicate to us keeping their support emails in CC and there is often a " ...read more
    • Hey So, I'm building my first Bot. I've asked the custoemr for thier name, how do I then add that to the flow there after so that I can make the converstaion personalised? ...read more
    • Ticket name display: We cannot modify the naming standards of Tickets created through conversation emails because the Ticket name is by default the email topic. It would be ideal to be able to select either the Contact name or the email topic ...read more
    • I want to setup chatbot based on different pages of websites ? I have 5 different sections Loyalty, campaigns, Auto campaigns and so on. So let's suppose if I'm on loyalty page then chatbot should have some pre-defined questions regarding that ? ...read more
    • Hello! My company has referral partners that get a percentage kickback for all leads that they send us. I'm wondering if anyone has developed a system where we can build out automated payments to partners. Right now, they have to hit a specific ...read more
    • Does anyone have any tips/tricks around list syncing between Dynamics CRM and HubSpot? Would rather not create custom variables for every list we are trying to bring over. Is the only option manual upload? ...read more
    • I created a timeline event where I send the token and it works great for me. Timeline event template: Activity user: POSTMAN request I've created a workflow that, after a timeline event occurs, sends an email to ...read more
    • Hi, What would be the best-identifying information to integrate the company data from the custom ERP system into HubSpot? The case is that the (custom) EPR system has information about customer companies such as record id, company name, and ...read more
    • I am trying to create a trigger in a deal workflow using re-enrollment criteria, which will be activated when a line item is modified without any change in the line item amount. I have noticed that the Last Modified date of a line item can ...read more

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