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    • 1. I am looking for an idea to define to Leads source for Events Marketing team? 2. Current Problem: They have Lead Source as Events and Sub Source as Physical, Virtual Event? 3. The problem is how can we track the leads per events, and what is th ...read more
    • Hi, I wasn't actually sure where to put this. I am new to HubSpot. I am trying to use workflows to make a form submission create a ticket and associate that ticket with a deal. Advice on getting started would be greatly appreciated. I think it may ...read more
    • I'm currently working on a workflow audit for an existing org by going into each workflow to eyeball what it does and the properties used. After doing about 50 of these, my eyes are starting to cross. Is there an easier way to do this with the Hubsp ...read more
    • Hi, I'm looking for any related content or case history of someone integrating HubSpot with any ERP software by Netstorming. Would love to have your feedback on the subject. ...read more
    • Hi, We are looking at a product called ProjectWorks to integrate with HS. We manage multi-stepped projects that sometimes easily span over a year. We will incrementally as we hit benchmarks. Is it possible to engineer a system in HS that can ful ...read more

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Hello Community! I am thrilled to announce our Champion of the Month for June 2023: Nicole Sengers 🎉 @NicoleSengers Let's all give a round of applause to Nicole for her outstanding contributions to our Community 👏 👏 👏 What makes Nicole our Community Champion of the Month? Nicole has been an invaluable member...

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