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    • Hi all! I have only just started to use Hubspot and there are already stages built for leads and deals but what I am trying to analyse is: the number of days between each stage to get an understanding of where there are delays or long cycles in the ...read more
    • Hello! we sell construction equipment and take trades. At times we get requests for equipment that we do not have but may get in on trade in the future. So I need a way to keep those listed and in front of us. Any suggested that could be used. We ha ...read more
    • Hey community, Does anyone know if there is a way in HubSpot (or a third party app that is great) to track client/customer expenses? Looking for things like sending gifts, registration fees for a fundraiser, etc. Also looking for tracking on ROI ...read more
    • Hello. We have started tagging individual deals to help us categorise customer needs. I would like to be able to then create a report that shows the number of deals / revenue associated with these tags. I can't find a way to do this. Does anyone hav ...read more
    • Looking to create a report on new companies added and worked within a time period to be able to track that as a KPI, there's an automated one for contacts added/worked, but can't quite figure out how to make it for companies. Thanks! ...read more
    • Hi I have one form in which the user can check up to 13 brochures to download. Is it possible to create an automated e-mail that provides the user only the links to the requested brochures? So if someone checks 5 of them, he'll get those 5 link ...read more
    • Hello! I have a question regarding cookie settings when a visitor is redirected to a HubSpot Landing page. If a visitor goes to a website created with a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal and declines cookies, and then they are redirected to a HubSpot Lan ...read more
    • Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out the best way to manage an event process and am keen to get some guidance as I’ve been going around in circles with the available options. I have a client that hosts regular events that follow the same temp ...read more
    • Hi There, This is a very basic question that I'm about to ask. We're running a company event and the process we put in place was to create a Campaign in SalesForce where the Sales Reps manually added contacts and then manage Email communication ...read more
    • Hello Expert community, I'm planning to apply some kind of sunset policy to clean up our HubSpot database and would love to ask for some pieces of advice. A generic question would be to see if any suggestions for good practices in implement ...read more
    • Hello Hubspot users! I am looking to create a report for all tickets that are created outside of normal business hours. Specifically all tickets that are created Monday through Friday from 8p EST and 9a EST, and 6p EST Saturday to 9a Monday. I can ...read more
    • Hello! Is there any way to automatically create a Ticket when I receive an incoming call to my Hubspot created phone number? Also is it somehow possible to create a ticket from a Teams call? I was thinking of workflows, but not sure. Thank you ...read more
    • Hey I wonder if anyone has a hack for this: In summary, I trying to find a way via a workflow to see if a contact has a ticket in 2 different ticket pipelines. We have pipeline for disputes and one for overdue payments so I want ...read more
    • Hi, We're new to Hubspot and I'm looking to port our Freshdesk Solutions over to Hubspot. The user must be logged in to have access to these and I know Hubspot has SSO and Logged-in Visitor ID (which I will wire up) but I can't actually find where ...read more
    • Hi, I am looking for a way to assign a "service credit" to an urgent SLA ticket that I can count against for customers who want to have after hours tickets. Is there a native way to do that or would I need to make a workflow? ...read more
    • 1. I am looking for an idea to define to Leads source for Events Marketing team? 2. Current Problem: They have Lead Source as Events and Sub Source as Physical, Virtual Event? 3. The problem is how can we track the leads per events, and what is th ...read more
    • Hi, I wasn't actually sure where to put this. I am new to HubSpot. I am trying to use workflows to make a form submission create a ticket and associate that ticket with a deal. Advice on getting started would be greatly appreciated. I think it may ...read more
    • I'm currently working on a workflow audit for an existing org by going into each workflow to eyeball what it does and the properties used. After doing about 50 of these, my eyes are starting to cross. Is there an easier way to do this with the Hubsp ...read more
    • Hi, I'm looking for any related content or case history of someone integrating HubSpot with any ERP software by Netstorming. Would love to have your feedback on the subject. ...read more
    • Hi, We are looking at a product called ProjectWorks to integrate with HS. We manage multi-stepped projects that sometimes easily span over a year. We will incrementally as we hit benchmarks. Is it possible to engineer a system in HS that can ful ...read more

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