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    • Hello everyone, I'd like to find out whether this is possible and if so, how do I achieve this. We have a Form set up, which when submitted, creates a ticket and sends an automated email response to client via Workflow. Is it possible to ...read more
    • Hello everyone, I tried to export the "Time to close" property which is the amount of time from the ticket create date to the ticket end date to the CSV file (picture one). Picture 1 Instead of getting the duration of time like the f ...read more
    • Hi guys, I'm facing one issue I can't sort it out. I'm setting our HubSpot with an Help Desk pipeline: when an user has a problem and he want our help desk fix it, he send a mail to a certain address. Hubspot, automatically, creates a ticke ...read more
    • Hey, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to send a message that will pop up while chatting. instead of asking for feedback on chat messages that require the user to stay connected and actually answer me, I want it to be a pop-up - easier to ...read more
    • Hello, I'm trying to create a ticket property that creates unique Sequential ticket Numbers. The field ideally needs to be a mixture of letters and numbers for example: RMA-2021-001 RMA-2021-002 RMA-2021-003 RMA-2021-004 I c ...read more
    • Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help to create a dashboard. My goal is to monitor the average amount of time a ticket is in the "Standby" case in my Ops flow. I created a propertie to calculate the time between the last activity and the next a ...read more
    • Hi all, New to Hubspot, wondering if someone could help me. Want to A/B test the MQLs. 20% going to further nurture.. and 80% going to Sales. Is there anyway this is possible? Coming from Marketo I can random in the live workflow. Does that exis ...read more
    • Hi, Using Ops Hub to transform some incoming string data (in a text field) like: "25% increase" "-10% decrease" I can easily use the replace function to strip the " % increase" and " % decrease" text to create data "25" and "10" But ...read more
    • Hi! I was wondering if there was a way to create a report showing the total amout of all closed won deals from 2 different pipelines? I want to be able to show the total ARR from 2 separate pipelines, instead of showing the amounts per pipeline ...read more
    • I just turned on the product sync between QBO and HubSpot. I realize that it will only sync newly created or updated QBO items. It is crazy amount of work to go into every QBO item and just do a minor update to trigger a sync. Is there a way to ...read more
    • 皆さんこんにちは、HubSpotアカデミー インバウンド プロフェッサーの金城ステファニーです。 今回の記事では、HubSpotアカウントに新しくユーザーを追加する方法を紹介します。個別に追加することも、CSVファイルをインポートして複数人を一括で追加することもできます。早速チームメンバーを追加して、色々な機能を使って見てください! この動画が含まれているアカデミー認定コースは こちらから 過去のクイック動画解説はこちら ...read more
    • LIG吉田です。 Auth0認証→カスタマーポータルで発生した課題(弊社としては問題)及び解決策について共有させていただきます。 自社Webシステム(Auth0認証)から、カスタマーポータルへSSOを使った遷移にて、カスタマーポータルが最初に認識したSSOユーザー(初回接続ユーザー)の情報を保持し続けるようです(仕様のようですが)。 カスタマーポータルページの「ログアウト」を呼び出せば、「次の認証ユーザーの情報を表示する(認識する)」ことができますが、「自社システムの一 ...read more
    • Aunque no hay una opción en los workflows para añadir una CC o CCO a un correo electrónico automatizado, aquí hay una solución que podría ayudar, y es añadir otra acción justo debajo para enviar el mismo correo electrónico, pero como un co ...read more
    • Was ist neu? Die WhatsApp-Integration von HubSpot ist jetzt verfügbar! Mit über zwei Milliarden monatlich aktiven Nutzenden ist WhatsApp die weltweit beliebteste Messaging-Plattform. Mit der WhatsApp-Integration von HubSpo ...read more
    • With the evolving consumer privacy landscape and the emergence of data privacy laws such as GDPR and other laws and regulations coming into effect, it’s more important than ever for marketers to focus on how they collect and use first-party data. ...read more

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