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    • Hi, I'm trying to build a report to show my companies that haven't had a meeting for YTD and/or on rolling 6-monthly basis so I can make sure I'm not missing any of my quieter customers. I've not been able to work out how to do this and couldn't fi more
    • I am looking to have a "home page" dashboard for our sales people to go to every morning. The dashboard would have all their tasks, opportunities/deals, target accounts etc. Everything a rep needs to run their territory all in one place. I used sale more
    • I have a question about structuring deal stages and transition criteria. Everybody seems to do this a bit differently and I understand that each company has different needs and processes. From what I have seen, the closer to the closed won stag more
    • I was wondering if anyone knows if we can create our own fields in the "About This Company" section where we can add the Sku's of the products that the customer purchases and the prices at which they purchase those products at? Currently we do more
    • Hi, Does anyone know of an easy way to count deals with specific property values? For example, my company offers 3 different subscription types (30 days, 90 days & 365 days). I want to trigger a workflow when someone has purchase 6 conse more
    • Hi there, we are loooking at locking down certain artivles in our KB. Everything we can see is that to action this we will need to have our end users login / register to HS, which we do not want to do. We would like a seperate link inside our SaaS p more
    • hi. we are in teh B2B business and in most cases we never find out who uses our products. no contacts of anyone which we can use for marketing. sales partners buy from us and re-sell, but never tell us who bought from them. does anyone have an idea more
    • Hello Community, Building on the momentum from our previous discussion on optimizing workflows, let's dive deeper into another powerful aspect of Service Hub—AI features. Just as we explored working smarter, not harder, with more
    • I would love the ability to have ticket types and multiple options of custom views for tickets based on the ticket type. We use tickets for proactive work (projects and onboarding) as well as reactive work. I have 3 ticket pipelines and each of thes more
    • I've created a survey that assigns points depending on dropdown answers chosen. I then have a property that "scores" each respondant through a workflow. Is there a way to automate the thank you page they see depending on this score? Thanks in ad more
    • We use Tableau for various reports and are exploring ways to integrate these non-public Tableau reports directly into HubSpot dashboards. Our goal is to encourage team members to fully adopt HubSpot by consolidating our tools into one pl more
    • Hi! I have been using HubSpot for the last 6 months, more from a content marketing perspective. My company is in the process of building out our revenue operations function and are seeking a RevOps Analyst to join our team. It's a combination role more
    • Want to make my world a bit more beautiful? In a perfect world these two scenarios would be solved: 1. New lead comes in to HS, and is then assigned based on a rep's (SDR or AE's) "real-time and updated"(rt) calendar availability. 2. Contact is rea more
    • Hello, I'm currently facing the task of manually cleaning and aligning data with HubSpot's columns before importing it. I'm considering using an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for this integration, but I haven't come across any free options fo more
    • Hello to all of you, I would like to create deals in Hubspot with N8N. The only thing I don't success is to create a deal with several associated contacts. With one, it works. But I don't manage to find the good separator between each id for the c more
    • Hello all, Just found a solution for doing a basic validation on fields before submit on a hubspot form. Conditions: Raw html form Include jquery Code <script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"& more
    • Hi, Part of our business is selling services. I'd like to create a new Deal Property that gets its value from a calculation. In two deal properties we set 'Start Date' and 'End Date' . This allows for a quick (and correct) return for 'Proje more
    • Hey, HubSpot Developers! There are plenty of questions about the upcoming sunset and how to migrate your apps using API keys to use Private Apps. Luckily, our amazing team put together this guide, Migrate an API key integration to a private a more
    • I wanted to get some opinions on which direction to go based on a custom project scenario we have. First, a little background... Phase 1 - Created a dashboard webpage that is set to "private - registration required" and displays data from a more
    • tl;dr -- Submit this form to add suggestions for additional how-to content Happy New Year, everyone! I am sure you all are easily sticking to your resolutions 😜 We have this fellow named @AJLaPorte from the HubSpot Developer A more
    • Hi, In Commerce > Subscriptions, we can see all our subscriptions from client paying via Hubspot. That's great! However, we have some client who are paying by check (unfortunatly 😉 or that already have paid dor a year, before we imple more
    • Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to change the subscription of a contact when we upsale a client. Here is an example. We send a payment link to a client with a line item of 100$ / month. Client enters his credit card info and start paying 1 more
    • We have a multi-tiered approval process for invoices in our organization before they are marked as paid in HubSpot. We are seeking advice on how to streamline and automate this process within HubSpot. Specifically, Using workflows, and integrati more
    • Is it possible to record time spent in 6 minute increments with dollar value that will then translate through to an invoice being created with the time spent in a certain billing period? more
    • Over the time I am getting a huge demand from my clients for E-commerce store on HubSpot. As it is a newly added feature of Hubspot I would like to know more about this from my fellow community members. What are your top recommendations for impro more

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