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    • Hey everyone I'm a Noob, never thought i'd say it, but it's true. I am, and I need help. I'm in the middle of a big fundraising campaign with 6 weeks to go. I had been advised to move over to Hubspot but I haven't had a chance to. I had a fe ...read more
    • Hey Community, Did you know that Sales Hub Professional recently introduced three new features : Playbooks Call transcription and Coaching Inbound calling. Growing your business takes time, energy, and investment. What ...read more
    • We are a commercial design-build company. That basically means that we are a one-stop shop to have a building designed and then constructed. We have a pretty straightforward pre-contract sales pipeline, but my problem is that we break our typical pr ...read more
    • Hi there, If you’re looking to have SMS Conversations integrated to HubSpot, I want to share below the most popular integrations that our customers use: Salesmsg InboundAddons Sakari SMS JustCall Fo ...read more
    • A bit of context prior to my question. We sell a service to medical practices and they get charged based on the number of doctors in their practice. Once we sign a contract, we will then onboard the practice before it goes live. In our pipeline, ...read more
    • Marketing Statistics Report 2022 We collaborated with Venngage to bring you the most up-to date statistics on all things Marketing. In the report you'll find: Benchmark data on Ad Spend, Website Traffic and Contact Growth Visu ...read more
    • We have been getting SEO Performance Issue (Load Time), In the blog section, we have right hand side, Blog RSS Feed where we are trying to show Top 5 Popular post. Those RSS feed has a image with title. And I want to apply lazy load to it. Is it pos ...read more
    • Hi! We'd like for contacts to start building a cumulative lead score based on if they have submitted multiple of our eBooks forms. E.g. they get 15 points for submitting one eBook form, then + 5 points if they submit another, and +5 if they s ...read more
    • Hi Community! This post is to give more clarity regarding tagging users and locations in social posts via HubSpot. If you want to tag other users in social posts via HubSpot, this is not possible. W e wish we could do it but w e are un ...read more
    • GROW 2022: Nurture what's next Register for FREE Now Join us on Monday 27th June In-person a nd/or online. GROW 2022, powered by HubSpot, is a hybrid event for pioneers in marketing, sales, and cust ...read more
    • Problem We are wanting to improve the communication between the factory and the shop using tickets with workflows. Background We produce kitchens. There are many components to making and installation of a kitchen. We have a contracted manufac ...read more
    • Hey Community, Did you know that Service Hub Professional recently introduced three new features : Playbooks Call transcription and Coaching Inbound calling. Building a customer service department takes time, dedicatio ...read more
    • Hi! Thank you so much for helping me. I cannot arrive to find the automatization to change the status of a ticket once the customer or provider answer an email or interacts inside the ticket. The idea is that once something occur ...read more
    • Hi friends, I need your kind help with WooCommerce<>HubSpot connection. Currently we are using WooCommerce by MakeWebBetter as a connector between our WooCommerce store and HubSpot. We need to create HubSpot Ticket for each WooCommerce o ...read more
    • We are looking for advice regarding best practice for handling tickets where the topic/issue, and therefore resolution, is common for multiple customers. Use case : an issue with out product occurs which impacts many or even all customers, so m ...read more

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Meet the Champion of the month: April 2022
Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for April 2022 is… @Stephanie-OG Stephanie has been in the Community since 2018 sharing her knowledge in the CMS board in the Dev Forums. What makes Stephanie our Community Champion of the Month?   Stephanie has authored 108 solutions accepted and she has received 296 upvotes so ...

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