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    • Hi, Inveitably vendors get into our leads workflow. Does it make sense to create a "Vendor" option to filter them out? Or do you just leave them as "--" (the unset option)? Thanks ...read more
    • Hello, we are a technology consulting firm and sometimes we produce whitepapers, brochures and such for our prospect customers. We don't want our assets to be downloaded by our competitors. We would like to have a step between the form submission a ...read more
    • We are looking to split companies between the B2B Sales and B2C Sales. Example: we have a retail customer Elkjøp who carries our consumer products instore/online as well as offfers our B2B solutions. This company has different POCs at our compan ...read more
    • Our team is wondering if there is a way to customize what is searchable in the search bar at the company level. We have "DBA" as a custom property. Our client's legal entity name is the "Company Name." Is it possible to search by a custom property? ...read more
    • I am currently auditing a client's Lists and proposing some best practices and organization structure to help them keep their portal clean, useful, and efficient. The bulk of their current lists (not many, about 160) have been created for eit ...read more
    • Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 🙂 We are a large EU organization that sells multiple brands in multiple countries. I am currently auditing our Subscription Types and I would like to get advices to better organize them. Is this better to hav ...read more
    • Hi, Can anyone please help me understand in an easy way the difference between the lifecycle stage and the lead status stage? What property usually does SDR/BDR update when lead/contact is hand-off to the sales team from the marketing team? An ...read more
    • If you have a good number of blogs and want to offer different gated content on every different blog, how do you create such a process. What assets would you require for it? The best example of it would be HubSpot. ...read more
    • Hi all, Looking for best practices on setting up form(s) for a web resource center. Currently, assets are form-gated (will look into changing that later). CMS is Wordpress. I would love to be able to use one form + some sort of variable passed t ...read more
    • Hi, We use HubSpot marketing hub which is integrated with Salesforce CRM. I want to know the best approach to set up the lead scoring model. What are the best practices and HubSpot properties to be considered for setting up the lead scoring mod ...read more

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Hi Community, I’m happy to announce our Champion of the Month for January 2023 is… @chrisworqflow Christopher has been a Community Champion since December, sharing his knowledge in the forums, mostly in the CRM&Sales, Marketing, Service categories as well as the Operations space. What makes Christopher our Community Champion of the Mon...

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