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maggiebutler on September 14, 2020
OpsLife is HubSpot's newest community for Operations professionals. Whether you're in Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, Customer Success Ops, RevOps, or another type of Ops role -- we're here to provide a home for the content, education, and resources you n read more
133 Replies
March 26, 2024 04:35
Hey Everyone, I am Abhishek Mittal from India, Working as a Senior Associate Data Operations @G2Track (Acquired by BetterCloud). Glad to Know you...read more
DJohnson4 on May 05, 2023
I have a Hubspot chatbot on my website which asks customers to enter a departure date. They enter it in dd/mm/yyyy format and it saves to a custom date picker property. However, when the departure date response is saved to the custom property, it s read more
Accepted Solution
May 10, 2023 18:39
I think I have this solved! Long story short, it's probably best to save the date provided by the user as a string, and then convert that string into...read more
MFriberg on April 21, 2023
Hi! I've recently started deep-diving into what I would consider more advanced parts of HubSpot, and I've realized that one crucial property I use in various workflows is stored as a string instead of an integer, which limits how I can use it with read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
Accepted Solution
September 25, 2023 11:18
Something like this can do it, also define output as a number and you can use it in a later 'copy values' step. def main(event): # Use inputs t...read more
apainter on August 27, 2022
Hi all, for purpose of data integrity, I would like to be able to create the following workflow: Trigger: Deal stage becomes closed won. Action: webhook and initialize a XERO Invoice, then immediately send back the XERO Invoice_ID and read more
HubSpot Employee
August 30, 2022 10:17
At a basic level you would create a custom code workflow action in your workflow to interface with the XERO API and create an invoice. You may have t...read more
SOllerenshaw on July 07, 2022
Hi folks, I cannot figure out a way to enrol a Deal to a Workflow when a linked Quote is Recalled & Edited. Each time a Quote is created OR Recalled & Edited I need to update a unique ID field on the Deal which will be embedded in read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
HubSpot Employee
August 25, 2022 08:38
Have you tried making the workflow trigger for the quote just status "is known" and then in the workflow itself using if logic to run on specific sta...read more
louischausse on December 01, 2020
If you use HubSpot workflows for several years, maybe you have received an email from HubSpot with this subject line: [Action Required] One or more of your workflows need to be updated by January 8 I discovered a quite big problem with the read more
Participant | Elite Partner
December 02, 2020 08:24
You're right Louis. I think it's better to prevent that to have to repair! I'm voting up!
mphelps2 on April 16, 2020
We're using the Sakari SMS integration to send text messages to contacts through a workflow. Based on the contact's preferences, the person either receives an email or the aforementioned text message. Is there a way to track how many texts are b read more
5 Replies
HubSpot Product Team
April 27, 2020 16:40
Hi @mphelps2 ! Perhaps you could make a custom number field called "number of texts" and add an action to "increment property" by 1 every time ther...read more
DaniPerales on March 09, 2020
Hey! Just wanted to state a couple of big questions that I am facing right now regarding the measurement of the new Nurturing Strategy that we are creating. I hope to resolve this before implementing all the new WFs as doing big changes without read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
March 11, 2020 05:52
Hi Erin, Thanks a lot for your detailed answer, it is deeply appreciated. 🙂 Some of the solutions and workarounds you provide are exactly ...read more
breandax on March 09, 2020
I've recently noticed a workflow logic behaving differently. We're looking at: IF (property) is none of (values) In the context of an example: Company dropdown property field "Status" which includes the value "Paying Customer" IF "Status" is none read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
HubSpot Employee
March 10, 2020 08:58
Hi Brendan, this sounds like a great case for the Support team who can do some troubleshooting for you and figure out what’s going on. Please log in...read more
RiccardoPisani on March 04, 2020
Hi HubSpotters within the list tool it looks like you can filter page views only by date OR number of times someone viewed your page/s ~> https://monosnap.com/file/I2oEUhY93vmVwfb0mOudXv5GzhEj91 One criterion only availa read more
Top Contributor
March 06, 2020 07:04
Hi @jfields , it would be amazing having the possibility to have this as standard functionality within the list tool! I hear you on the "high i...read more
lalexander on January 23, 2020
Many of you have mentioned that you're skilled in workflows and the CRM, and many of your job titles include phrases like "demand gen" and "automation manager." What is one process, workflow, property, or other thing that you've set up to create a s read more
HubSpot Employee
June 26, 2020 15:08
@LizO love that! Please be sure to submit your Ideas to the Ideas Forum: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/ideaslandingpage . T...read more
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