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See user availability for chat

As an operations manager, it is required that I can tell at any given time how many agents are available on chat or paused, as well as how many chats each agent is engaged in. Currently I am not able to see how many users on my team are available unless I find and open a chat conversation, click on the Asignee dropdown, and scroll through the list to see who is available or away. 


Please add funtionality so we can quickly see agent # of chats and agent availability.

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Occasional Contributor

Agreed. Coming from Zendesk/Zopim the chat software had the functionality to see the Agents that were signed in and avilable to receive chats.  This was useful as a supervisor to make sure people were being responsive and statying logged in when they are at their desk. 


Please consider this addition as i'm sure many others would find it useful. Zendesk even had a supervisor dashoard with real time stats.

Occasional Contributor

Yes, agreed this would be helpful...


On a related note: 

If the chat session has already been initiated, but the rep stepped away (e.g. went to bathrm, picked up a phone call, etc.) and is not answering the chat request in a timely manner, then  there should be some fallbacks in place.


e.g.. If rep does not respond in x seconds (or mins), then:
a) transfer to next available rep, or
b) show error message.


So some sort of "inactivity timer" where after that period of time, some action happens so the visitor does not hear crickets or feel ghosted.