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Email Performance by Recipient Lists

When sending out marketing emails, most times we have a couple of recipient lists that we send to.

Would be amazing if we could see email perfomance stats in HubSpot broken down by recipient list, similar to what you see when sending out a time-zone email (you can see emial stats by time zone). That way we can track performance of the email by contact type, which is what we are trying yo achieve. 

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Great Idea! We'd also like to see sth very similar:

Automated (workflow) email performance per contact list (=recipient list) that's being enrolled in the workflow. So, if we enroll 3 separate lists into the same workflow, sending the same email (with variations based on personalization tokens),  we'd like to not only report on overall (all time or time range based) email performance (especially open and clikc rates), but recipients list / contact list specifi performance.

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Love that idea! Would definitely be amazing if we could also report on workflow performance by recipient list/workflow triggers.


This. I'm blown away that we can't get email performance reports easily in a platform that got it start as an email marketing platform. I want to be able to look at email engagement over time for a segment of our total audience/list. 


How is this not easy to create?


Agree! Would love to see Hubspot provide an email performance report by list. My campaigns involve communicating to prospects and clients, broken down by region and then target industry (this allows me to see which segments are engaging with the message). As I type, I'm having to clone the email over 10 times! 


Yup, we should definitely be able to analyze email (and workflow!) performance by email list. Having to clone workflows is just asking for a messy instance and makes managing workflows much more difficult.

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+100 to what's been shared. There are a lot of similar ideas requesting to be able to segment your marketing email performance by list membership, lifecycle stage, or any other contact/company property. Even if I couldn't do this in reports right away, it would be great to be able to filter on a specific email when I'm looking at performance. I'm submitting this idea on behalf of one of my clients who would like the ability to send their email to internal teams as well as their customers. Obviously internal teams are going to distort opens and clicks, so it would be great to send one email but segment out the data based on the different lists. I could also see this being useful for folks who are customers vs folks who are prospects.


I'm linking similar ideas I've upvoted here so we can combine efforts and hopefully see this come about one day.


+1 it would be tremendously valuable to see how a single email or email campaign performs with different segments to better understand those segments' needs.


I believe this is the same thing I am trying to do. We send 3-4 emails a month to a very targeted email list. I'd like a report that shows basic stats for the whole month that I can send to my sales team -- showing names and companies of people who opened and clicked. Right now, I have to download the open and click report for each individual send and compile, which is a huge time suck.


This is much needed. We sometimes get notes in the email analytics that say things like "This particular list had a higher unsubscribe rate than your other lists." So it's clear that data is available internally. We just want to be able to assess that data ourselves, rather than relying on a HubSpot note that we can't control.


Being able to see which lists are most responsive to certain types of emails will give us invualuable data that we can use for further targeting and segmenting.




Not only this but we have a dynamic newsletter that's based on list and we can only see over all email reports currently. We need to see how each version of the dynamic newsletter performed. One email report, but performance by list included in the report would probably do the trick.