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Associate Contact Activity with Tickets

Currently, when a ticket is created it automatically associates the ticket itself with the company and contact related to the ticket. 


However, there is a bit of a missing link when it comes to the contacts activity records being associated with the ticket. For example, if a ticket is assigned a task, the task will only be associated with the ticket record and the company record. Same if the contact completes a form, receives an email, is called, etc - none of these are associated with the ticket records.


It would be very helpful if all of these associations were automatic for my team, because for example, when we are working our tasks, the task will show up on the company record first- which may have hundreds of tickets- and we don't know which person the task is reffering to. 

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In customer service, frictionlessness is everything in everything. Now our customer service has to make unnecessary clicks between tickets, contacts and the company when the history information is not automatically available on the tickets.


I hope that this issue will be taken into account and that you will share your own experiences!


It would also be important for my clients to have their historical information on automatic tickets (such as tickets from forms) so that it does not have to be recorded manually.


I'm amazed this is still not a thing ... I feel that everyone is doing tons of clicks and missing key information because of that.


We have the same problem and we lost most of info because of that.

For the email, you can set it with the Hubspot integration seeting. We solved it. (See below for Google)

But we are still searhing a soluitoın for the activities which is logged in contact or company.




let fix this eh? @hubspot