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Octav on June 19, 2024
Hello, I'm trying to customize a quote template and i need to check what values are selected in a dropdown select property but i can´t make it. i have simple if sentence but i can't reach the code inside the if. {% if (BUYER_COMPANY.resp read more
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sylvio-otercar on June 19, 2024
Hi, Struggling with showing the author avatar on my pages. I want to have them as background images, rather than image-tags. My code looks like this: Spoiler (Highlight to read) HTML <div class="author-bio__card"> <div class read more
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Guide | Platinum Partner
June 19, 2024 14:02
Hi @sylvio-otercar In order for this to work, you will need to apply an in-line style for the background URL: <div class=" more
MicPog on June 19, 2024
Hi! We have a problem with registering BCC emails in Hubspot to our contacts. To 5th June it was OK, sinse 6th June there is no e-mail in our contacts. Our e-mail provider response us "Message rejected due to blocked recipient", but the proble read more
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Mike_Eastwood on June 18, 2024
Hi team, The newsletter from Smashing Magazine is – in my opinion – a must read. Vitaly Friedman and his team creates hyper relevant content to anyone working in website design, website developement and related fields. This is a read more
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pnylon7 on June 18, 2024
I cloned a production site account over to a sandbox account. The main reason I did this is so I could test making some changes before doing them in production. Everything seemed to work out up until I had to start recreating pages. I started manual read more
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5 Replies
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
June 19, 2024 17:44
@pnylon7 based on what you've described so far, if you want to have all of the custom modules and dev files, the sandbox export/import won't be more
SBENALI9 on June 18, 2024
i want to change this language switcher with this: I am seeking assistance from someone experienced in this area. please,If you have expertise in language switcher implementation in HubSpot or know someone who does, I would greatly read more
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Thought Leader
June 18, 2024 11:49
Hey @SBENALI9 , there are several ways how to display an flag-icon before the language. Here three easier ones: - My buddy @piersg has more
dduymelinck on June 18, 2024
I have a complex module for emails that is programmable. But I couldn't get the personalisation to work. After trying everything else; - adding string filter (I know it doesn't work, but if you don't try you don't know) - moving the token to read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 18, 2024 10:31
Thanks for sharing, @dduymelinck 🙌 — Jaycee
dtg001 on June 18, 2024
Hi all, I'm thinking of creating a page that would list all old topic links (inside rich text module) that I removed from my main page. This links are all external links and will be redirected to another page once clicked. I tried using the read more
Thought Leader
June 18, 2024 09:13
Hi @dtg001 , the easiest way would be to create a custom module with a for-loop . Once you've created a custom module add a text (not more
YoelBA-GDS on June 17, 2024
Wanted: Experienced Quote Template Developer I have a client interested in remaking the HubSpot Quote into more of a LOI (Letter of Intent) with more details and text than the standard template offers. If you have experience developing CMS documents read more
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Community Manager
June 17, 2024 19:37
Hey, @YoelBA-GDS 👋 Thanks for sharing this opportunity with our community! — Jaycee
Mr_AThompson on June 14, 2024
Hay guys. I need some urgent assistance. Is it possible to use Bootstrap 5 in Hubspot's Boilerplate Drag n Drop Builder? I have created my modules with the current framework. But the current framework's responsiveness doesn't work so great if I pl read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Top Contributor
June 16, 2024 08:12
Hi @Mr_AThompson Directly using or replacing HubSpot's native Drag and Drop (DND) framework with Bootstrap 5 is not recommended due to limited more
SRodriguez23 on June 14, 2024
Hi all, I've been working on a new module that retrieves information from HubDB. The main goal is to retrieve all information with the same value. However, when I select a field, it doesn't display a unique value. Instead, the field shows a lon read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
June 14, 2024 18:25
No Luck, the ID column cannot be utilized in this field. The field continues to display the same value multiple times. However, all rows share this more
SebaMolinari on June 14, 2024
Hello! I would like to know if someone can help me with this query: Can I change the call to action that is in the Menu of my blog posts without it changing on the landing page? When I edit and change it, it also gets published on the landing pages. read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
June 14, 2024 16:40
Hi @SebaMolinari , Is the 'Menu blog' also shown on your landing pages? If not, I can assume you could select a different CTA in the more
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