Update Design for multiple preference groups for your email subscriptions (BETA)


I came across this community post that talks about how the new BETA outlined here has HubSpot like branding and does not allow for customization.  A lot of feedback we have gotten from customers is that they like the ease of use this branding allows.  I am creating this idea post to get an idea of those that would like more customization options within this tool?

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Thank you for submitting this idea, @kaburke! I'm working with a few companies that require multiple preferences pages (dual or multiple brands). These companies tend to be enterprises with strict CI guidelines so customization options would be great. cc @franksteiner79 

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With the company I work for, we have multiple brands and being able to control the branding for the preferences page for each domain would be so incredibly helpful.


We always hear that not all brands are the same and having the ability to control the branding for each domain's preferences page would be the cherry on top for UX as a whole.


I hope this idea gets a million upvotes.

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Thanks for the feedback @Alex_ and @karstenkoehler 


I think the most pressing features would be logo, font, and colours.  Anything else you would add?

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@kaburke - No problem! I would just add anything that we're able to do with a landing page, we should be able to do with a preferences management page.

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Hi folks!


We've heard a lot of excitement about this thread, so I wanted to pop in with a quick status update. This is on our Product team's radar, and they're currently reviewing it for development. 


All future development plans will be relayed through this thread, so stay tuned!





Hi @JoeMayall,


Do you guys have any update on this one? or a road map we can see?





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The addition of multiple preference centre options is great and a much valued one for many of our clients.

The next step is the ability to brand these up for our clients, as we currently can with the single preference centre solution.

Looking forward to hearing progress on this, as it would make the new solution far more appealing! 




In this situation, plain vanilla boring text/design would be better than HubSpot colors and styling. Could the dev team do that in the short term?




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Hi! Is there any way to change at least the title on the subscription page? We cannot find this settings after toggle on the BETA version.

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This is also quite important for enterprise businesses who want custom options within various regions or with various offerings.


Until this is fixed, we would really like if the button was changed to black or another more generic color. 
We have the problem that we have several brands in our portal, and one of them uses an orange color. When our other customers from different brands see this, they believe they are in the wrong place, and contact us to manually unsubscribe them from their brand's preferences, which is very time consuming. 


Hey there! I'd love to know if there's been any movement on this - it's a pretty big sticking point on our comms team.