Email Preferences Pages for Multiple Domains

It would be very useful if Enterprise customers that are hosting multiple domains could have more than one active email preferences page. If the domains are completely unrelated and a contact is subscribed to one domain, why do they have to see all active email types from the portal? Why not just one domain?

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We have multiple companies with distinct contact/customer types. It would be very helpful to have the ability to create mutliple Company names ({{ site_settings.company_name }}) and Subsriptions. Intuitively, I thought this was possible when we purchased the enterprised package. Is this possible or in the works?

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Yes, same here. We currently have two brand domains in the same portal and there will be more in future. For best UX we need to be able to create different subscription pages and types. 

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This is a an important enhancement that needs to be included to truly host multiple domains. This restriction should be explained prior to multiple domain agreements.

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Agreed! This should be a standard feature for companies with multiple domains. Please fast track.


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Absolute no brainer! This offers so many benefits from improved CX to stronger data compliance. Come on Hubspot, lead the way!

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Posting on behalf of a customer.

The Use-case:  the have an enterprise portal with different domains handling different brands. Each brand has its own subscription type and the brands also compete against each other in the market. The customer cannot have an email preference page showing all the different brand subscription types. 

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It only makes sense that if you have multiple branded emails you should have multiple branded email preference pages. This is a big gap. Please add this add soon as you can. It needs to work like the error page branding. 

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I agree, we have a top domain and a sub-domain and various blogs. So we have a list of about 10 different things they can unsubscribe from. A lot may not be relevant to them, especially the new contacts that are NOT associated with the top domain. 

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We would love to have this as well which will allow us to manage email subscriptions per business unit. 

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Hi, faced with this challenge for a client, the tech team at deeply digital has created a technical workaround. It's complicated so please feel free to contact me.