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Speed up List processing time

The time to process a smart list is a serious pain point.

A current example: trying to run a simple Smart List for Contacts with one Line of Criteria:  Submitted a Form on Any Page between a Date Range. This list takes upwards of 5 minutes to render results.  Why does it take so long? How can it be sped up?


I've run smart list with 10s of thousands of results, that I've had to wait overnight for the list to process.  Anything that can be done to improve list load time would be hugely impactful.

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I'm surpised this hasn't been upvoted more. It can take 10+ minutes to get an active list to process <5k contacts with a couple simple criterias. Why would it take so long?


Some of my lists take upward of 30 minutes to compute at the moment. Any process relying on those like emails or workflows is seriously challenged...


Nothing interrupts my flow in my workday more than the list-building speed in HubSpot. SFDC spits up massive reports with supporting graphs in seconds, this needs to improve.


I'm struggling with this issue as well. The worst is when I am trying to create a marketing list and want to make sure there are no contacts slipping through the cracks by one of my filters being slightly off. Each edit I make, I have to wait 5-10 minutes for the list to repopulate even if it's only to remove a handful of contacts.


There has to be a better way to do this. It makes lists one of the most frustrating aspects of Hubspot. I just spent an hour and a half making minor tweaks over and over to a list that I am going to use once.




maybe if hubspot had a desktop version that held the main data on your computer but then has the new smaller data updated via cloud every day, you could create lists faster and not rely on running big data through the browser.


Yes, this is a big pain for HubSpot. some lists you'd hope would take an hour of your day could take 3.

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This is unreal. Taking longer than 20 minutes to generate a list.


Agreed, incredible how list update can be so slow. Needs to be fixed. Should take 3 seconds, not 10-20 minutes.


Same challenge here. We have a large database and it seems Hubspot is checking every record for every filter criteria; even when my filter includes "is a member of" another list with maybe 10 contacts, it still can take 5-10 minutes to load. Extremely frustrating and really slows down our work. 


Right, this issue is serious.

Simple active list with simple criteria,  which doesnt include any OR condition,

takes approx 15-20 minutes (and even more...) everytime I make a slight change.


It's a serious problem.  Editing active list takes my time over 10-15 min. Should be faster... 


How accurate is the preview list count? I mainly reprocess the lists for their counts. Is the preview consistently accurate with count?


I have posted this in several other threads, but HubSpot's inability to provide real-time data is mind-blowing.


I have a custom object with 20 entities and it is taking the list over 5 mins to update every time I add a new one.   Totals are always one step behind.  I can't trust anything I am looking.