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Notification Emails When Ticket Response Comes In

Simillar to this idea (


We need a way to be notified when a contact replies to an open ticket, otherwise we have no way of knowing unless we keep HubSpot open all day long.


There is a workaround to use the Reply to Email Conversation notification, but that requires assigning the email conversation to yourself first.



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There's a beta for ticket  workflows that I think handles this. But agreed  it should be easier. 

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Yep. We're using the Beta Workflow. However, it only allows each ticket to go through the workflow once, so we'll only be notified the FIRST time a customer responds.


Yes I support this new idea, it's a basic must-have feature that is needed.


Are you talking about an e-mail on a ticket? Works for me.  I get a notification if the ticket is assigned to me and a user replys to my e-mail (sent fromt he ticket).  It also automatically shows up in the conversations inbox as well.

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@wesman- that only works if the corresponding Email Conversation is also assigned to you. The way it is currently setup, we have no way of knowing if a user replies to a ticket unless we assigned the associated Email Conversation to ourselves first.


That's why we need a notification option added to be notified of:


  1. Replies to Unassinged Tickets
  2. Replies to Assigned Tickets




I found it automatically assigned the conversation to me as long as the ticket was assigned to me. 

1. Create new unassigned ticket (from webform).

2. Assign myself to ticket.

3. Send e-mail to user from ticket.

4. User sends reply.

5. I get a notitication that the user replyed.  When I look under the conversaions inbox the e-mail chain has been assigned to me.

I only have been using Hubspot for a couple  of days so maybe I'm missing something.


I didn't test replies to unassigned tickets. I can see that being a problem as you said.

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That works since you assign the converstion to yourself manually.


This is also something we would highly appreciate. We need some kind of notification that triggers for every customer reply you get for a ticket.


We are now using a workflow that sends a notifications on the trigger "last customer replay date" is "less than 1 day ago" but this doesn't work for multiple reply's on the same day.


We would LOVE this feature. We are a busy startup so having to check Hubspot all day to ensure we don't miss a client's reply is not so efficient. Thank you!

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@CMerrick- there is a workaround for this. Every ticket is also tied to an Email Conversation in the Conversations Inbox.


Find that corresponding conversation and assign it to whoever on your team is handling the ticket.


Make sure that the user is set to receive email notifications when a conversation is replied to.


It works...but it's not ideal.




Agreed. Its pretty rubbish that this feature doesn't exist.


I'm surprised that Hubspot does not have email notification when the customer replied to the ticket. This should be a standard feature for CRM software. 


Although @tmcginnis 's suggested workaround works, but we have to firstly assign the ticket to a owner, and make sure the conversation is also assigned to the same owner. Not only doubling the work, it also adds complexity & chance of error when there are multiple gatekeepers involved. 


I just upvoted this, this is a basic functionnality, I hope we could find that in the product in a future release


+1 I'd love to see this.

Another workaround is to activate notifications for changes in ticket status. This requires a workflow that changes ticket status when a reply is received (this exists by default, status changes to 'reply recieved'). Unfortunately, you're also notified of ALL changes in status, but you could filter these out in your inbox.


Far from ideal though...


Tickets is the main reason why i created an account here. If I cant get notifications to new tickets and replies I will look else where.

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@Boska - FYI, there is a workaround that will email you new replies IF the corresponding Email Conversation to the Ticket is assigned to you as well and you have that turned on under Notification Settings. It's not ideal, but it works.


It would be much more efficient to simply allow for email notifications when a new response comes in on a ticket you are assigned.


I think getting a notification on a new open ticket would be sufficient.  After you get that ticket it should be assigned to someone and after that it will be no problem for that person to get notifications as all customer replies goes to the conversation inbox.


Instead of using the support form I ended up creating a regular form (under marketing) to use as a support form. As part of the process of creating it you can add e-mail addresses of who you want to recieve notifications from. Then under notificaations > settings (gear icon) > E-mail tab > form submissions each user with the e-mail can check/uncheck the form submmission option to control if they get notifications for that form or not.  If they don't have it checked it will not send out an e-mail.  We found this worked good.  Just have to assign a user when the form submission comes in.  Then that person will continue to recieve notification on replies.


Solution - 


Hi Guys,

I have a solid workaround for this! 

Steps - 
- Pipeline - Edit Pipeline - Automate "View Workflow" A Customer replies to an email

-Top Right Hand Corner - More - Clone

-Rename it how you like, and you CAN EDIT this workflow !! (keep the locked trigger events)
-Add Action "Send Internal Email Notification - To Ticket Owner"
-Delete the action where the ticket is forced to change status.
-You may also want to update the 'Re-enrolment trigger to include Last Email Activity is any of email received from contact.

Hope it helps 🙂
Props to Kennedy from Hubspot support


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Thank you @Trist , it helped! 



This needs to happen YESTERDAY. I shouldn't have to come here and do this but I am. Please add this feature now!