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Multiple Service Support Forms

Today there is only one support form available in Service hub. We need the possibility to add more than the default support form currently available. This is a "must have" for us as we cannot cover all aspects of our businness in one support form. 


Any ideas on when multiple forms will be available?

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Agree with Andreas!
Either move the support form into regular forms or allow us to have multiple support forms. 

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Totally agree.

In Enterprise you can have multiple inboxes, so would expect we could have multiple support forms that could feed into each of the different inboxes.


More exasperating is that there's a "clone form" option - but it's unclear where the clones go. 


+ 1 to this one! We are a client from Spain but we offer our services internationally and have clients need support in various languages. (At the very least Spanish and English).


Why there is no possibility to switch languages for support forms when the rest of the forms have that is beyond me tbh.


Necessary feature.

To come here and also realize it's not available in multiple languages.


We also need different support forms for different parts of our services. Upvoted.


Need multiple support forms and the ability to put them into different pipelines with multiple dependency trees. The support form in use now does not meet most customer needs. 


Need multiple support forms and the ability to put them into different pipelines. The support form currently available is too limited. 


I agree this would be very useful, as I have a website in two languages, and would need 2 support forms to address this.


I need at least more 3 services forms and I really do not want to create a bunch of proprieties for contacts 😞


We have a very technical product that requires a much more detailed ticket than our other products. I was hoping to have a different form so our customer service team won't have to skip a bunch of unrelated fields. Clearly this is a much needed feature. Hopefully Hubspot will jump on it!


A neccessary base feature for a service desk, we'd like to see hubspot provide this with the service package. Currently we are stuck having to leverage marketing workflows and forms to work around this.

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I completely agree with my predecessors!

There are use cases where several support forms are a must:

  • Multilingual websites
  • Different form fields for different ticket pipelines
  • Different form fields for different conversations inboxes
  • All combinations of the above applications

By the way, multilingual knowlede-bases are also a must for multilingual websites.
For this scenario, multilingual support forms are essential.


For internationally operating companies, the lack of these features is a real deal-breaker when it comes to acquiring the HubSpot service hub.


Is anyone using an app that integrates well with HubSpot and can have multiple form options for ticketing?

You obviously have my vote for this enhancement. 

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Hi HubSpot Community,

My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I wanted to provide a quick update on this idea.

The ability to set up multiple support forms is currently available in HubSpot. Go to Marketing -> Lead Capture --> Forms. You can either select a "Support Form" template or create your own form from scratch, where you can add your ticket properties directly to the form. You can create multiple support forms and connect them to your conversations inbox.


For more information, you can take a look at this Knowledge Base article: 




Hi Joe,


Thanks for the update. We just recently discovered this with our HupSpot rep Tim during our onboarding and it seems to be working well. 


We are also using Zapier with various Hubspot forms to move it's info into the corresponding Service Pipeline along with some other items.





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If you have the support form under Marketing > forms you aren't able to get access to that form from the contact profile on the right side. This is the easiest place for the sales team to get to the tickets. Can we have more than one ticket form on this part of the contact?