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Custom user profile properties

Like, contacts, deals and companies, it would be great if you could add custom user profile properties. There are times when you might want to include an owner token within an email, like a phone number, title or some other property that's outside the signature. Even though there is a phone number field on the user profile, you can't use it as a token within an email.

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April 05, 2024 08:02 AM

Hi all, thank you for the feedback and use cases here! I'm on the Product team at HubSpot that is currently building out custom User properties on the User object we released in 2023. We have added a number of default properties (like First/Last name), which you can manage for your users in Settings > Users & teams > Users > Edit User > Profile, and we are now working on building custom properties. We'll be looking for customers to provide feedback in the coming months, so please email me at if you are interested! I'd be happy to connect with you to learn more about your goals.


To address the initial request from 2017 (wow!), it is currently possible to add the user's phone number to their email signature using Presets (Professional and Enterprise portals). See this KB doc for more details.

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It's puzzling to me that the Sales/CRM side of Hubspot didn't either (1) include a lot of obvious fields (office, address, title, multiple phone numbers, etc.) for us to use as tokens or (2) include the ability to add custom fields as noted here. I understand that it's not a required feature on the marketing side, since you rarely personalize on the sender there, but on the sales side, it's absolutely a must that emails personalize on the sales person or account manager and that we can customize how/where this happens. The Sales side of Hubspot just can't be taken seriously before basic features like this are implemented (to be fair, there is a lot to like already, but it's incomplete).



It would help me know if there is a deal with the associated company right from that contacts profile.  


--->When looking at a company profile you can see all it's associated contacts, I would really like to see that same thing when I look at a contacts profile, so I can click on "Associated company contacts"  to make sure some other employee hasn't been reached out to yet or has striked a deal with us.


I've seen that this is possible within HubSpot if you are using Salesforce CRM. It makes no sense to me why this isn't available through the HubSpot CRM. Phone number is a property for HubSpot owners (not in initial set-up, but in the profile settings) so the information is in the system.


Custom owner tokens are a must have. 


Definitely a must-have. It would be helpful to add a secondary phone like my mobile so I could use it as a token.

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@ndwilliams3 you get my support! I've been clamoring for this for a long time. I ended up hacking together a solution for a client using a workflow for each user. Not ideal! Now we just need a way to combine threads. 

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Using a workflow hack myself and agree it’s not ideal. I’m ready for this problem to go away. Let’s rally the troops!


Please make available User Custom Tokens!!
Such as properties for contacts, deals, tickers, etc.!

It's a must have, I agree!


I also have a similar need. Usecase is via API integration where holding info vital to the integration would be useful to be held in Hubspot via a custom field under the user.

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Having the ability to add custom user properties would be really helpful for reps to be able to add quick personalizations, and help them with their workflow! While there might be a workaround for this using contact properties, it is much easier and much more efficient to be able to maintain these using user properties. 


yes agreed, there are times we want to share more infomation about the contact owner with the end user. Like dedicated chat app ID's or alternative emails. Would be good to be able to add a few more custom fields under each owner. 


This would be great!

Currently I am just making the body of emails smart and based on contact owner list. It's an ok workaround, but time creating this would be eliminated with more personalized contact owner fields.

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Yep. There's really only two ways arround this issue. 1) Use a workflow to set contact properties based on owner or 2) Use lists and smart content like you're doing. Both work, but require substantial time to setup if you have a large sales team. I can't belive that this is still an issue two years later. This is one of the big areas that Hubspot falls short with Salesforce. The other is permission settings for CRM objects.


Commenting on this on behalf of a customer. Would be great to have this implemented. 


Totally surprise that after three years this feature hasn't come yet. A super admin user should have the right to update user fields, including the signature.


The pain is real. We want to send an email with the owners region. Without custom user fields and tokens, we can't send it this way. We would also like to see a footer that uses the unique contact owner address.




I totally agree. We really need this. I'd love to be able to send a personalize bio that is associated with the contacts owner.


We are currently running into this issue where we want to create custom fields on the user profile so that we can segregate what user views what types of accounts.  Does this ability exist today or do you know when it may be released?

Also, is there a Developer role that superseeds a Super Admin in HubSpot?


Please implement.  We are unable to use the ContactOwner email address in hubspot. To integrate with other systems we have to use the Single Sign On Email address which is different than the email we use for marketing purposes.  The ability to use the contact owner email address completely doesn't work for us until you can allow us to use custom fields on the user entity.