Sales templates need Hubspot owner tokens

A little background for context:

We have account managers that enroll contacts in sequences and send emails connecting the contact with their sales rep. To do this we have been using a token to insert the Hubspot Owner's email and meeting link in the templates being used. PROBLEM: Now those {{ ... }} are invalid and we still do not have an option to insert Owner meeting links into sales templates.


I spoke directly with a Hubspot employee about the challenge we had with sending emails from an account manager when the goal is to set a meeting with a sales rep. I was frustrated that we could insert owner tokens on the marketing emails but not on sales emails. He gave me a workaround using the curly bracket token {{owner.meetings_link}} we also use this method to insert the owner's email address.


We should either be able to use the curly brackets in Sales templates to continue what we have been doing OR better yet make the tokens available. Why is the Sales Template experience different than the Marketing email experience? You can easily insert Hubspot Owner tokens when creating a marketing email. Big miss in design here. This is a big deal for us and any sales team that has account managers. A fix should be considered high priority.

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Agreed. I just want to write an email template that the rest of my Sales Team can use without having to modify it for themselves personally. For us that means first name, last name, internal job title tokens in the body of the email - not just the signature.

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 My organization is in the same situation! Need a company owner token in the sales email templates ASAP!!!!!