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Automatically Find Potential Duplicate Tickets

On the ticket object, it would be helpful if there was functionality that automatically identified any potential duplicate tickets.  This would avoid multiple people working on the same request.  We previously used Sales Force and an app by Internet Creations "Case Merge Premium"    Duplicate cases are known to wreak havoc. When there are multiple cases for the same issue, agents waste time trying to find the information they need to help the customer.

Not only that, but more than one agent might spend time troubleshooting the same issue. If a customer gets multiple responses from different agents, it creates an inconsistent customer experience and looks unprofessional. It's frustrating for everyone.

It was a game changer for our Service Team. 

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I think this idea would be super helpful! I run a Support Team, and duplicate tickets are a concern of ours. We do not want multiple reps reaching out to the same company related to the same concerns. Currently, my team uses the ticket board view to skim the company and contact associated, but this is no longer scalable with our ticket volume increasing. However, I found a meh workaround for my team to help find any open duplicate tickets or open tickets from the same company by saving a filtered list ticket view. The list pulls in any tickets in 3 of our support pipelines that are not closed, and the rep can skim the list for associated companies that are the same and then merge them. If anyone has another workaround until Hubspot provides a solution, let me know! 


Hi everyone, we use one workaround that helps us to identify some duplicates. In the case where a form submission generates the ticket, we reply and then the prospect replies to the email, we get a second ticket generated from the reply (because we use a shared general email address for the response, we do need that email box to generate tickets as well, for those cases where the contact was solely via the generic email and no form submission occurred before).

What helped us significantly was adding the prospect's Company name to the subject line. We currently use a snippet to generate the subject line in the email body, then cut & paste into the subject line.

This makes identifying the duplicate simple, as the subject line contains "Re: Company Name" right there.

Hope it's useful to anyone in a similar situation!


Any updates on this issue? We are hoping to move over our order processing tracking into Hubspot but need a way to be alerted if a customer accidentally submits a PO twice.


There is currently a way to manage duplicate contacts in HubSpot and I would love if this feature could be extended to service hub as well for tickets. Our team currently has the same struggle as stated by KNault in the original idea. Zendesk and Jira seem to have add-ons that can assist with managing duplicates, but I haven't found one that integrates with HubSpot. Integrations can be unreliable, so I would prefer if it was a system function similar to the duplicate manager for contacts.


Hey @KNault,


Yes, this is definitely a huge issue. Expanding the ways to detect and merge duplicate tickets would be helpful, as the ticket name isn't always a great option, particularly if the ticket was created automatically by default, such as through an inbox message or Facebook Messenger. 


I wanted to mention that Insycle can help with this. Full disclosure, I work for Insycle. But Insycle can help you to rewrite ticket names for easier deduplication. Then, you can deduplicate tickets in bulk, using any field as a matching field. Then you can automate it to run on a set schedule (daily or weekly for instance) or inject Insycle templates directly into HubSpot Workflows.


We recently published an in-depth article on dealing with duplicate HubSpot tickets and the problems companies run into, you can check it out here





I totally agree that this is needed. We get sometimes an order twice from a customer. We also get separate tickets from customers using outlook and replying, because the subject has RE: or FW: in the beginning and it is nightmare. 


I completely agree that this is needed. For all of the same reasons. 


Please implement this. Duplicate tickets are a time-waster and they convolute reporting by skewing toward the vocal minority