Auto-Import All Historical Email (Including Emails written BEFORE using Hubspot)

Many people want to start using Hubspot with their entire company's email history associated with the correct Hubspot Contact/Company, and visible to all Hubspot Users.


For many companies, historical email history is the *single* most important record of the interaction you and your colleagues have had with your customers and prospects.


This is a vital and common feature to other CRM's, like Close, Pipedrive, Zoho, SalesforceIQ, FreshSales...the list goes on.


The current solution that Hubspot offers is NOT effective. We need the import of emails to be A) automatic, and B) historical (including before we started using Hubspot). Logging, bcc, shared inboxes, etc., do not cut the mustard.


There are third-party companies that offer this, such as Threads, & MigrateMyCRM, but we all want a native Hubspot solution. The fact that multiple companies have built this should be a blinking neon sign highlighting just how much this is needed.


You can see people requesting this at:


So please, pretty please, with sugar on top. Build the *** Email Integration





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I could not agree more with the need for an auto-import functionality for email. This is definitely a must have and I hope that this feature will be developed soon. Thanks!

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I can't think of a business not wanting this kind of function. Why only have the option to log email threads beforehand, it is afterwards you know if the information was vital and relevant to the business case. Also this is a security measure for companies complying to regulations only to save relevant Business data and not every single email beforehand. We need this ASAP, thanks!

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I’m really surprised this feature is not already available with hubspot. We’ve just migrated over from another CRM and there now a huge amount of manual work to get our contacts in order.

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Impossible to work without that. Meaningless. Pipedrive does this without any problem. I work with both, I find Pipedrive way superior to Hubspot in many aspects.