New to Hubspot, Log old emails into CRM via Outlook


I'm testing out hubspot and trying to see if this is going to be a good fit for my company.  Is there any kind of automated way to log my previous emails to/from a client from Outlook?  I've already installed the outlook plugin and emails that I currently send/receive are logging just fine.  I just can't see any easy way to "import" previous email communication for leads.  

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Hi @Dissonant  At this time it is not possible to log messages created prior to using HubSpot.  You can only log messages moving forward. 


Pinging a few of our partners for furtherinsight: @Leslie_Vanco  @Phil_Vallender @MFrankJohnson 

Any ideas on how to handle contact conversations prior to HubSpot implementation? 


Thank you

Ed Justen

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Gotta ask ... about how many clients / emails are we talking here?

(yes. it makes a difference)


Typically, the cost-efficient solution is to allow a 'transition period' / 'migration period' (3-6 months) whereby 'old' client communications are allowed to decay while new (tracked) client communications take a position of prominence in HubSpot.







Please include @MFrankJohnson if you'd like me to respond.


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Hope that helps.


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@edjusten could @Dissonant forward email replies to the CRM?

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Hi @Dissonant  As @roisinkirby pointed out, you can send previous emails using your CRM forwarding address, but you will need to do this individually, there is no way to import previous interactions en masse. 


Thanks for your input @MFrankJohnson!


Thank you,

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Hi there, @Dissonant !

If you are looking for an opportunity to import previous email communications for leads, you can check out Data2CRM migration tool - their techs can do the import for you.

Hope it helps you!


I also find this to be a stumbling block in my sales process. The long migration idea and letting old leads fall off is more difficult when you are selling custom homes on preferred lot. The sales process is much longer, it's not unusual to work with someone for 2 years before they get to contract. 

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We might be able to help with your problem. We have an integration with Hubspot called Threads that automatically syncs your historic and future emails from your email client and logs them in your HubSpot instance. It captures both emails sent by you and also emails sent to you from your contacts. If this is of interest feel free to drop me a line at 


We've had Hubspot for about 4 months and we love it. 


We have ahd a lot of turnover of sales reps and some were successful and left after a year or two and some maybe after a few months. My boss wants to know if we can import all of those past email communications maybe a year or two or three old - en masse - so all those former interactions can be logged and linked up to existing emails or the creation of new contacts.



I have just created a Hubspot Idea for this. So, to encourage Hubspot to work on this much needed feature, please upvote it here:

This is the best solution I found for Gmail to Hubspot forwarding of old emails. Affordable and does the job for my once-off migration: google 'multi-email-forward dot com' I'm a customer, no relation to the company and have used CloudHQ service before and they just work. And you can always cancel after the first month once you've done the initial run.