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Im using free version of crm and am a one man operation. Is there a way to get email notications when customers fill out a ticket form that is embedded on my website? 


I know how to set up the email submission for normal forms, but the ticket form is different.


Please help.


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Hi @aaskren,


It seems like you are using an embedded code of the form on the website page, are you using HubSpot or another platform for hosting this page?




If it is HubSpot pages, then you need to use form mention in the section “Create tickets using the support form in your tickets settings” to create ticket form.

and use that form in the required page instead of embedded code, later you simply need to edit that page and select form module, you find follow-up email option there.




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This is definitely a problem - I've setup the form so users can create new tickets, but I don't receive any sort of notification when a new ticket is created. There is not anywhere in the options to add an email upon submission, etc.


I too have the same issue.

When I embed the support form code onto my external website, it works, and when a user completes a form, a ticket is automatically generated in HubSpot ... that's great!

What is not great is that I do not receive an email notifying me that a ticket has been submitted, nor do I receive any desktop or chrome notifications.  Even if I assign the ticket to myself, I do not receive any notifications.  If I use the direct URL link for the support tickets form and submit a ticket, same issue, no notification.


My website does have the tracking code installed and my other non-hubspot forms are sending notifications properly.  Only the support ticket form provided by HubSpot is not sending a notification.

Bottom line:  I don't receive notifications when a new ticket is created.


I just want to add that I also do not receive any notification when a new ticket is created.  However, the agent that the ticket gets assigned to receives a notification letting them know. 


My company is evaluating this platform and this will be a deal breaker if we can't be notified when a new ticket is created via a web form on our company's website.




I have found a workaround for this issue that works:


Zapier integration to send a notification email when a ticket is created. 


It solved this problem for me.


Zapier is for every shortcoming a good workaround, but that is a basic functionality HubSpot needs to integrate if they want to leave a mark between all the other Support solutions which are more widely adopted such as Zendesk, etc.


Upvote for the problem.


I agree.


I'm currently setting this up for my company as well. I can say that it has been quite difficult for sure. Much more than it should. 


That being said, I think I have a solution.


Note: I just discovered another possibility, so there may be edits or footnote here.


I have a separate workflow for email submissions, since they are automatically created through conversations via a specific email address.


I set up a workflow that is triggered by the submission of our support form. 


Create a new ticket from a formCreate a new ticket from a form

At the time I set this up, ticket properties were not available on the form (hence my comment earlier re: footnotes), so I had to copy over contact properties to ticket properties in this workflow. In this action, I sent the information to the new ticket, such as the description, subject, app the client is using, and file upload. 


This workflow doesn't assign the ticket to anyone. It just sets the pipeline, and the status of the ticket. In a separate workflow, I set up the assignment in a separate workflow to trigger when the product is "known", which is triggered automatically here, since it's a required field on the form itself. In the case of email, we don't know the product, so that will have to be set manually. 


From the Tickets Settings > Automation under Trigger, you can create those triggers based on the status of the ticket. When a new ticket is created, we get a Slack notification to a specific channel and an email is sent to staff notifying that a ticket is new. The email trigger is under "Options" of the form, where you can specify a specific person or a team. At the bottom of that page you'll see "Automatically Create Tickets".  I'm then going to set up a notification to trigger when a client responds to a ticket and it changes the status of the ticket.


The one challenge I have here is trying to associate existing workflows with this specific pipeline/automation for support, but that's my next hurdle. When I look at the Automation screen under tickets, I only see the one that I created there, but I apparently have two workflows associated with this pipeline. 



While writing this article, I have noticed that Forms now has Ticket properties. This wasn't there last week and would have been really handy at the beginning of this whole process. So before this goes live, I may want to screw around with those fields on my form because it makes thing so much cleaner.


There will probably be a few follow ups/edits to this as I figure out the rest. Hope that helps. 

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Thanks for sharing @Shanta! 🙂 


I'm also having this issue. Did someone find a solution to get emailed about new tickets (without the need for a Zapier connection)