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HubSpot Launches CRM Extensions API: With Partner PandaDoc

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We're excited to introduce a new API, specific to our CRM, called CRM Extensions. This API lets developers build integrations that bring their data and functionality inside the HubSpot CRM. The API is now live, and two HubSpot Connect integration partners, PandaDoc and Seventh Sense, have already built CRM integrations on the new API.

CRM Extensions - Technical Documentation

What's the CRM Extensions API Do?
Integrations using CRM Extensions can surface their own data in a card in the CRM sidebar for contacts, companies, or deals. When a contact, company, or deal record is loaded, HubSpot makes a request to the integrator, retrieves information for that record, and then display it on a card in the sidebar.
From the card, users can launch a modal window. This window gives users access to all the features inside the integrators software. The experience feels like the other software is just built into the HubSpot CRM.

How PandaDoc Speeds up the Sales Process with CRM Extensions

PandaDoc is sales enablement software that automates contracts, proposals, and quotes. PandaDoc helps CRM users close deals, completing the final step in an inbound customer journey. They’ve rebuilt their HubSpot CRM integration as a CRM Extension. Doing so allowed them to move away from a Chrome Extension integration that only worked on one browser, and become what feels like a native part of the HubSpot CRM. Here’s how it works.

Connect the integration: 
Inside of PandaDoc, in the settings users can find all integrations. Click on HubSpot and then follow the steps to authorize PandaDoc to access your instance of HubSpot CRM.

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Cards: Once installed users see a new card on the left hand side of contacts, companies, or deals for PandaDoc. If there is an existing document for that record, it will automatically be loaded. If there isn’t and you want to create a new one, to say send your prospect an NDA, simply launch PandaDoc from inside the CRM via a pop up modal window.

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Windows: Opening the modal window gives you full access to PandaDoc from within the CRM. So you can create new documents customize them for your prospect and quickly send them over. 

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Timeline: Because PandaDoc also integrates with the Timeline API, any activity taken by a contact with your sales documents will be reflected on the contact timeline.

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How it works:
Technical Documentation

Why it matters:
This API enables an entirely new category of integrations. Any third party software whose customers use the HubSpot CRM should consider building on the integration. Why? HubSpot sales users live in the HubSpot CRM and they're not thrilled when they have to leave it. They don't want to jump into another tool, to build a quote, make a call, or file a ticket. They want tools that are connected, share information, and save them time like PandaDoc. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.25.08 PM (1).pngHubSpot Connect partner Seventh Sense is another great example of this. Their software uses AI to optimize email send time. They have rebuilt their integration with CRM Extenison and now sales people can see a card in the CRM with email send time reccomendations for a contact. The tight integration helps save time and closes deals faster. Here's what one join customer had to say. 

"Timing is crucial when it comes to closing deals. That's why I'm really excited about Seventh Sense's card in HubSpot. Now our sales team has easily accessible and actionable insights for the best time to connect with each individual, based on every interaction they've ever had with us."
Brad Hess, Director of Demand Generation, Ceros (Seventh Sense and HubSpot Customer)

Note: The Timeline API is still best for adding time based events to a contact or deal record.

Who gets it?:
CRM Extensions is available to all tiers of customers / developers who have API access via the developer documents.