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mfs_cea_au on November 02, 2021
https://knowledge.hubspot.com/email/set-up-double-opt-in-for-emails Says "If you have enabled General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) functionality in your account, clicking through the double opt-in confirmation email won't automatical read more
0 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
November 04, 2021 02:34
Hi @mfs_cea_au , @mfs_cea_au wrote: The opt-in "confirmation" email *is* being sent. Is that expected? The docs seem to say that's not go...read more
LoriCooke on June 08, 2020
So I love the way we can customize an email to send out. But when I'm configuring a pop up form for newsletter sign ups and set up the followup email, it's very limited as far as design. Can I connect an already designed email to a follow up step in read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted solution
Key Advisor
June 08, 2020 12:57
Yes you can, but not via the follow up command. You would need to setup a workflow that is triggered on form submission and then select your email t...read more
ngottron on April 08, 2020
Note: The following requires access to Marketing Emails and Marketing Workflow automation which is part of the Marketing Hub Professional Subscription. Step 1: Create the form You will want to first create a form with a field t read more
3 Replies
January 25, 2021 17:14
hi @ngottron , Would this workflow/automated email combo still function correctly if I sent the form submission email to a HubSpot user that is NOT...read more
zgordon on January 28, 2020
Hi! New to using HubSpot forms and writing a review on them. Was wondering if it is possible to change the reply email address to the email of the person who submitted the form rather than noreply@hubspot.com? Along those lines, can other cus read more
6 Replies
Accepted solution
Key Advisor
January 29, 2020 10:03
Are you speaking about notification emails after the form submit? If so, the short answer is no unless you program your own custom notification thro...read more
yidanwang on January 27, 2020
The default form submission notification emails are awesome! They look great and have relevant information. However, they can only be set on the form itself. If we want to add any type of automation/logic to the form, we have to manually create a no read more
Accepted solution
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
January 27, 2020 10:39
Hey @yidanwang , This is a great suggestion, you might try posting it in the ideas forum as well? But as a workaround, you are correct, you...read more
matttunney on March 21, 2017
Is there any reason why I shouldn't automatically subscribe users that fill out any form on my site to my blog notifications?
Accepted solution
HubSpot Employee
March 22, 2017 08:51
Hi, @matttunney , if your goal is to send everyone who fills out a form on your website the latest content you're creating, then consider adding tha...read more
moneykey on March 06, 2017
Hello, Is it possible to use Hubspot CTAs in an external email program? Currently we are not able to connect our Management System, which deploys transactional emails to our customers to Hubspot. Because of this we still need to use it's bas read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted solution
HubSpot Product Team
March 16, 2017 06:54
Hey @moneykey , great question. You can embed CTAs on a third party web page (see how here ), but it is not possible to embed CTAs ...read more
dpen on January 11, 2017
Is there a way to install Recaptcha on an email subscription form using Hubspot Free?
Accepted solution
HubSpot Alumni
January 11, 2017 11:28
Hi @dpen , At this time it is not possible to implement captcha/recaptcha on HubSpot Marketing Free Lead Flows. Captcha is available on Forms ...read more
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