Tracking Documents from File Manager

We have software data sheets in the File Manager that we link to on our site for customer download. We need to have the ability to track how many times these pdfs are downloaded for viewing, as well as being able to see what web pages these linked documents can be found.

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I agree. CTAs are helpful only so far. It's not always possible to use a CTA, or the same CTA, for every instance in which you may want to share a file (PDF) that is stored in the HubSpot File Manager. It would be great to be able to quickly and easily track the number of views and downloads of a file.

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Agreed.  There should not be a requirment for a CTA in all instances.   We have a similar resource page on a non-HS page and it makes no sense that HS can track all "regualar" page visits/clickstream, but not the download of an asset - especially when it generates a unique URL for each item and already has a visitor cookie! Also odd that they allow this functionality for "sales documents" but not for broader marketing files. 

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I'd like to see something here too. We have a page listing 4 documents in a bulleted list that visitors can download. We used a list because a stack of CTAs looked ridiculous--and I don't have all day to design something more fabulous. Just the basic stats of clicks over time would work for us.

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I would like to track the request of files in File Manager. Of course for using Pictures i can do this on the pages were i use the pictures.

But we dont want to produce brochures anymore. Instead we want to put QR Codes on Events that are linked to PDF Documents in Hubspot File Manager.

We would like to track how often these Documents are downloaded.

I could imagine a function in the file Manager, were u select the chosen document and can select a Date Range and as result u get the information how often this chosen document was downloaded in that time.


Would be very helpful.




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I was just getting ready to submit this as an idea!


Stated slightly differently, I'd like the tracking functions available on the Sales platform (Sales Tools/Documents) for Documents to be available for Files on the Marketing Platform (Content/File Manager) plus number of downloads.

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 This is critcal to implement. Act-On has this functionality and would think HubSpot would too. CTAs are not always feasible. 

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Agreed - being able to track how often someone visits the file URL would be really beneficial.



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Agreed! It would be useful if you want to directly measure which content piece has been viewed more overall.

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Agreed! We also need to see who uploaded the doc and when, thanks!

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Agree, we should be able to track:

1 - number of downloads for any asset stored in file manager

2 - who/when clicked and downloaded should feed into the contact timeline