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Image Tags in File Manager

We upload thousands of customer product images. The only way we can search for them now is to put every image element into the file name. For instance, patio-plants-pergola-water-feature-17. While that's great for getting a somewhat good SEO-optimized image, it's a bit of a pain. It would be great to have image tags in the file manager so we can create custom tags and then make the search experience better. 

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additional file properties (like a category and tags) would make organizing assets a lot easier, especially with filters and being able to search those values


Searching for particular files is definitely a pain, and your suggestion for a tagging system is terrific. It's one of a number of improvements they could make to the File Manager. Being able to search only in your own team's files would also be very helpful. We have about 50 teams with their own folders and as a Super Admin I'm forced to search everyone's images when I'm just looking for mine. Zeroing in on what you need is much harder than it could/should be.


Yes, categories / tags would be incredible!