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Default Task Associations

Please make it so we can change the default Task association feature.


Currently, no matter where a task is created (Company, Deal, Contact or Ticket Record), it automatically associates the task with all of those objects and the 5 most recent Deals or Tickets.


There should be a global setting to change this behavior.



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This is a needed feature. Especially when Task are created on deals we need to also associate the task on the contact record. 


Really need this. I don't want a task created in a Deal to be associated with a related Company. We should be able to manage these defaults.   


Couldn't agree more. 
Frustrating that I by default create 2 associations when the task is only relevant on a specific contact.
Similar idea here:


I completely agree. We use tasks in tickets, where we have workflows creating tasks in the ticket. 

The next activate date that is set based on the task is used in a 'date due' property that we have created.

Where the ticket associates tasks that are on the contact/company automatically, it is messing this up as the next activity date gets impacted by the company/contact task where we only want it to use the ticket tasks.

Therefore if we could have a system setting to stop contact/company tasks automatically being associated to new tickets etc, that would be extremely useful.