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Customize the Task types

It will be great to add as many tasks types as possible, not only Call, Email or To-Do

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March 02, 2022 01:16 PM

Hello HubSpot Community,

Thank you for providing feedback. Customizing the task types is on our radar and we are exploring different ways to solve this problem. One thing we are exploring is leveraging labels/tags as a way to support customizing the task types and allow those labels/tags to be reported on. There are so many great ideas that our HubSpot community has shared with us that we are addressing.

I would love to connect with some of you to understand/talk through how you would use "Customizing Task Types" within your business process. If you are interested in chatting more about "Customizing Task Types", Please take 2 minutes to fill out this below survey. I will try my best to connect with each of you.

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February 17, 2021 08:23 AM

@Belbel what are some examples of other task types that you'd like to create?

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This is a feature that's been requested regularly since 2017.

This thread seems to be most the latest request of this feature. 

This feature would make it possible to add different types of activities: DM, direct mail, handwritten thank you card, or simply wait when the ball is in the other people camp. 


any update on if this is something on the horizon?  If not, how would you recommend logging something like an instagram DM or a Facebook message so you can easily pull a report? 


This request seems so straight forward.  We cant seem to get the kpi's we need out of the crm for tasks without this.  

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@Belbel what are some examples of other task types that you'd like to create?



It would be very useful to be able add task types like "Remind by SMS", "Reschedule", "Follow up something"...


Differentiating between service desk response todo's and general todo's would be super helpful for support workloads and kpis


I want to finetune this request with a suggestion that enables the admin user to edit/add/remove task subcategories (in the properties).  Tasks seem to appear at different locations in Hubspot, where other options are needed per location.  For example, it became possible to add tasks in the Calendar too, where the options are limited to the blow/email/landing page. I can imagine other forms of content might relate to a task, e.g., events, social media, etc.  




it would be great to have other task types, like 'price' or 'quote' and then you can filter / search those to see progress. A dropdown with your own selection of options.


Ideally this feature would allow us to actually select the types of activities that we want to track. For example, at the moment our Partner Success Managers can do a number of different activities to help our customers succeed and optimise their accounts. In our current CRM, each of those is tracked as a separate activity and once complete, it's marked against the customer profile. I know we can do this with properties in HubSpot, but ideally when a PSM sets themselves a task on an account, they should be able to set exactly the type of task they need to do next.  


Absolutly cititcal to be able to add more types here I think!


On Hold Tasks 


Just being able to decide what goes into that dropdown would be so helpful. It seems like everyone above just wants to be able to track each type of task, regardless of what those types are.

For myself, I would like to specify which phase this contact is in by choosing the appropriate task type.










These are a few to add:


FB/IG Message

Alyce/Sendoso Gift sent




Even in the short term adding "other" would be better than working outside of CRM to track these activities.  Is this not on a roadmpa right now?  Seems foundational for a Sales CRM.





Doesn't make any sense why this isn't available.  Should be a simple update....would unlock a ton of value for us.


It would be nice like preferences to add a variety of task types. These are very limited. 


Woah. Can't believe this isn't a feature.


I'd like to use this field to keep track of the tasks in our sales process


For example, I would add the following task types:

  • Product Demo
  • Produce Assessment Report
  • Send Proposal
  • etc.

... and keep track of/report out on how many of these activities are taking place.



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I'd like to have options regarding LinkedIn, like: Connection requested, Message sent..

I noticed that we have these options available for users that have the LinkedIn Sales Navigator license integrated with HubSpot, but only for those.


Other options would be: Send proposal, Send contract


This would be extremely useful.  We run a consulting services business and are using Tasks to track things we need to do to complete a proposal (define scope, estimate, prepare SOW etc.) and to remind us to call on past customers/leads.   There are a lot of old leads to follow up, so that list can crowd out the proposal work.  We can use priority to help with this but a custom task type would be huge.


Having both additional task types and priorities would make managing the tasks much easier. It would allow much more ability to filter the tasks and handle the most important first.


other tasks categories:

social post

video / webinar