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Conversations Workflow Data

Having the ability to implement Workflow funcitonality with Conversations is a GREAT concept. However, there's currently no way to pull in any information/details from the event that triggers the creation of the Conversation. Without that information, we are limited in accomplishing what we want to see happen.


Example: When a conversation is initiated by an Email, as is the case with our helpdesk Inbox, it would be very helpful to expose the Sender email address, the Subject of the email and potentially, the ability to find keywords within the text of the email to use for triggering specific responses.


In addition, having access to Conversations via API is critical as well.

That idea has been around for years, but maybe it's more possible now?


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We would definitely like to see this introduced.


One example of how we would use this is that when one of our apps is downloaded we receive an email to tell us which app, and which country the app was downloaded in the subject line. This information is used to decide which team member should deal with that download. Ideally, we would be able to use the information from the subject line to automatically assign the conversation using a workflow.


We'd really like to see this implemented in HubSpot as well! We're coming from a different help desk that had this feature built in and we used it heavily! We would like to be able to automatically tag or assign conversations based on information in the subject line or body of incoming messages.