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Associate Line Items to Tickets

Hey HubSpot

We are strong advocates of the Products/Line Items feature in HubSpot and offers great context behind deals. 

What we're finding with clients and ourselves alike, is the functionality request to be able to associate Products to Tickets. This is often because someone may raise a ticket that corresponds to products or services bought and it would be great to have the Customer Success team get visibility of this. 

Now, we know we can access this via deals, but in some cases we want to restrict the Customer Success team's access to deals as it may be overwhelming if they're adopting HubSpot for the first time. 

As we can import data into Products as it's own object, it would be good to be able to associate them with the other standard objects as well. 

Thank you

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Seconded. We've been able to work around this via zapier, but it'd be great to get this ability natively.


Thirded!!   Having the ability to link Line Items to Tickets & Custom Objects would add a whole new dimension of functionality out of the box.