Update: goToWebinarWebinarKey attribute now usable in the context object of the Forms v3 endpoint.

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What’s happening?

Today, we’re releasing a new attribute to the context object within the forms v3 endpoint which enables users to enroll contacts directly into goToWebinar webinars via the API.


What’s changing?

Users will now be able to add a goToWebinarWebinarKey attribute to the context object within the request body. The goToWebinarWebinarKey should be set to the key value of whatever webinar they intend to enroll contacts into. To learn more about the GoToWebinar integration, including how to get the goToWebinarWebinarKey, see this article.


When is this happening?

This is currently live. Have questions? Join the conversation here. 

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Thank you for implementing this feature! When I hard code in a webinar key, the form works as expected.


I would like to add a webinar key dynamically through the use of a button's data attribute.


Kind of like... <button type="button" data-webinarkey="1234567890">Register</button>.


I'm able to pull the data attribute data (webinarkey) via javascript and assign it to a variable var webinar_key = button.data('webinarkey').


However when I drop in String(webinar_key) into the goToWebinarWebinarKey parameter, I'm not registered for the webinar but the form successfully submits and my entry is logged into HubSpot.


The issue seems to be an invalid goToWebinarWebinarKey. Is my jQuery off, or is this just not allowable?





Please disregard my previous message. The issue is solved (I had previously registered for the webinar before testing).