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Hi there,

New to Hubspot - looking for a way to create a form which our sales/account managers can complete to capture key information about customers. For basic example, after a sale, we may perform an "integration" call where we need to capture the same key information for new customers - say main project contact, technical stack, use case, timeline/deadline for implementation, customer goals, some checkbox type items to enure minimum requirements in place - etc. 


Currently use a Gsheet to capture this - but is there any functionality within Hubspot which allows for the creation of such a form for internal use? Imagining AM folks literally walking through the form in Hubspot on a call, then it's automaticaly captured against the customer (currently, a note is added with a link to the GSheet).


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @ClaytonHM   


Thank you for the information provided. I'll tag a few experts that can share their knowledge with you.  


Hey @Jaimee @aturrell @Crystal_Hopper  could you please share your thoughts with @ClaytonHM ?   




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Hi Clayton, 


I would recommend completing the HubSpot academy lesson on creating forms and how to capture leads using forms.


Another option would be to create new custom properties.


All the best Jaimee 


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@ClaytonHM welcome! One of the main purposes of a Hubspot form is to capture background contact information such as their IP, IP country and a myriad of other "behind the scenes" data. This is my main concern about having your own people filling out these forms. Your people will become contacts in Hubspot with every form they submit, not the contact you are trying to track. The data collected will not go on the contact's records but instead it will be tied to your employee's Hubspot record.


One thing that @Jaimee suggested is creating custom fields. You can then also decide to make those fields visible when someone is creating a contact record in Hubspot ( Or make those fields what you see in the left-side of any contact record ( It isn't exactly a form submission, but if any field is blank you'd be able to quickly identify it and try to collect the data on the next phone call.