Integration between Pandadoc with Integromat


I try to configure a new integration between Hubspot and Pandadoc with Integromat.
Target : send document pandadoc when deal hubspot are in specific deal stage.
Realisation : Sending is ok, token in pandadoc are recuperated in hubspot.
Problem : file pandadoc don't appair/ don't link in the deal hubspot, and it's big problem for my process, and to follow the deal and the doc.
I try with the native integration in hubspot, and I see the property "linked_objects" (see the attachment) when the file is link to deal.
How it's possible to change this ? By advance, thanks to your help.
Best regards

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Hello @Vincent_Causse, could you please send us the attachment again? Looks like it was not saved.


I will add some top experts to this matter, @alexlom@Bryantworks any suggestions to @Vincent_Causse?


Thank you,


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Hi there @Vincent_Causse Michaela from Integromat here!


Soooo you’re building a scenario that watches the stage the deal is at. At a certain point, it grabs the info about the deal, compiles a doc in PandaDoc, and links the doc to the deal in HubSpot, right? 


That sure is possible with Integromat. Just for reference, I’m adding links to the landing pages of the integrations of both HubSpot and PandaDoc. The pages list all the available features of both apps so you can see what the possibilities are 🙂 


Anyhoozle, from where I’m standing, the scenario you're looking for could look like this:




You need to watch your HubSpot objects, get the info you need and send it over to PandaDoc to merge it into the actual doc. In the last ‘Update a Record’ module, you then map the link to the PandaDoc document to the matching field.



There’s also the possibility to convert the PandaDoc document to a PDF file and upload it back to HubSpot. In that case, the scenario would look like this:




Just like in the previous case, the doc is created in PadaDoc, nothing changes there. With the following PandaDoc module, you get the document as a PDF and subsequently upload it to HubSpot to get the File ID. The ‘Create an Engagement’ module is critical here - that's how you assign the uploaded file to the person/deal. You do that by creating an engagement with that file ID and assigning it to the person and the deal. 


Just a side note here: the engagement is created as ‘Note’ because it is the least distracting option.