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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Introducing Lessons, Bite-Size Learning Within HubSpot

You've likely heard the expression before that "practice makes perfect", or even read Malcom Gladwell's theory on "10,000 hours" that practice is an important component of learning, and ultimately mastery.

Today, we've introduced Lessons into the Learning Center enabling you to get bite-sized chunks of learning as you have your morning cup of coffee. Each lesson ranges between 4-20 minutes and includes actionable advice that you can apply as you work. Lessons right now range from a variety of topics including creating a blog post, to inbound fundamentals, and a CRM walkthrough.


There are currently 10+ lessons within the Learning Center with more coming soon.

Within some lessons, like "working your leads", we've included practical exercises that take you into the tool you are learning about and ultimately get you one-step closer to mastery.

For example, in the lesson above one practical exercise will involve creating an email template as you can see below.


Lessons are now available for all HubSpot portals. Simply head over to the cap icon in the upper-right and click on "Learning Center" to get started.