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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Helping Protect Your Email Deliverability Rates

When it comes to making sure that your contacts are reliably receiving your emails, we do a lot of things on our side to help maintain a high rate of email deliverability.

But there's one scenario that sometimes plays out that can hurt your deliverability rates (on a single send, and in future sends.) You unknowingly send a campaign to a list that maybe you haven't emailed in a long time, or a list that has other quality issues, and before you know it, a large number of contacts have hard bounced.

Today, we're taking a big step forward in preventing this from happening. Now, HubSpot can detect when a send has an abnormally high bounce rate, and will stop the send in real time to protect you from further damaging your deliverability rates.

How does this work?

Deliverability Protection works by first sending a portion of an email campaign, gauging the hard bounce rate, and stopping sends with an abnormally high hard bounce rate before the remainder of the campaign goes out. (This all happens very quickly - unless you've got your stopwatch out, you won't notice the delay.)

When we stop a send, we'll immediately alert you inside of HubSpot, and via email. Here's what you would see inside HubSpot -


Clicking Learn More explains some steps you can then take to remediate the problem before re-attempting your send.

It's worth mentioning that Deliverability Protection is designed to only kick in for sends with an abnormally high bounce rate. If you are doing a good job of maintaining clean opt-in lists who you communicate with semi regularly, there's a good chance you'll never see this kick in.

Now Available

Deliverability Protection is now available to all HubSpot customers who have access to email. As always, we recommend following best practices and HubSpot's guidelines when it comes to sending effective emails.