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Hello everyone,

I have a pop-up form using the HubSpot pop-up form tool throughout our website: https://cos-bond.com/


The pop-up appears on exit intent.


The blog is in HubSpot, but the main website is not (it's in SANA and i don't have access to the CSS of the main website).


As mentioned in the topic, I want to change the style of this form. I understand that i need to target the appropriate ID (which appears to be leadinModal-777284 in this case), but since the style appears to load inline (on each page) i had no idea how to do this. That is, i can't change it on the pages of the main website as I don't have access to the page CSS and i'd rather not have to go through every blog post and at it to the head for each of those. Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thank you


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