GDPR Deadline (25th May 2018)

With the deadline approaching, HubSpot has released new features and a playbook to make it easier for you and your team to comply. Please note that while these features live in HubSpot, your legal team is best placed to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.

Welcome to HubSpot Ideas
Have an idea? We want hear about it. Search for your idea first—if it already exists, vote and comment to help it become a reality.
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Voting and submitting new ideas

Not sure how to explain your idea or what to search for? No problem. Browse existing ideas, to see what the Community has submitted. Can’t find a match? Submit a new idea today and start your very own idea. The more votes an idea receives the more impact it has on HubSpot’s product development.

How are feature requests implemented?

  • 1 Members submit new ideas to the Ideas Forum.
  • 2 The community votes and comments on popular ideas.
  • 3 HubSpot evaluates ideas for demand and feasibility.
  • 4 Accepted ideas are scheduled for implementation.
  • 5 New features are delivered - see them here.