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Validation Rules

Hi everyone,

I would like to suggest that HubSpot's CRM/Sales platform require validations for fields. 


For example, my company wants to setup a validation rule so that a company name must start with a capital letter, or emails and first/last names must be required when creating new contacts.



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I agree - this should also carryover from form field entries, prompting an error code if a submitter enters specific field data as lower-case. For example, if we would like all first and last name and company names entered with the first letter capitalized, the submitter should not be able to submit the form until the error is fixed.


You should be able to create validation rules based on certain perameters. For instance, in order for a deal stage to be "won" certain properties cannot be blank. 


ex. Property value cannot be blank if deal stage = won - throw error message when saving the record.


Like validation rules by Salesforce, this feature will save the data quality for the whole org! 


Validation rules for postal codes would be also great, so that users are only able to use numbers and no letters in the field and only a litmited amout of digits.



This would ve very helpful and a really big feature that adds value for Hubspot users. There could be many cases when several people is creating contacts and companies, so rules for data validations can ensure Data Quality and make the data bases more useful and valuable for the long term. Please consider this along with the possibility of creating unique values. 


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This is a great idea, maybe you can use a regular expresions generator.


Any update about this?


Any updates on this?



Would love this to help manage pipeline process. 


This would be best idea when hubspot provides validation for individual fileds like firstname,lastname(it accepts only characters and of fixed length,no special characters are not allowed) would provide better convenience to the user


Validation options for custom properties would be excellent. 


This would be a solid addition. I'm new to HubSpot and this would be great to better manage opportunities and lead quality. 






Yes, we would certainly be interested in this functionality, as currently we spend a reasonable amount of time stripping bad quality data from our HubSpot accounts.


Where are we with any updates on this?


I would like saving rules so that I can stop a user saving a ticket if certain conditions are met.

I can set up all the conditions in the workflow that I need but there is no option to stop them saving if the rules arent met.

Much like the inbuilt status code changes which pop up a windo3ws stopping you changing the status if some rules are not met, similarly I would like this popup when saving the ticket if certain rules are not met.





I am surprised that this feature is not there yet and is still in an idea stage. I was trying to get some validation for fields that are being changed during deal stage changes. I wanted to make a few properties mandatory and also some validation. For e.g. for moving out of deal stage into "Appointment Scheduled" I want the user to put an Appointment Date. I also want to check to see that date is a) in the future and b) not too far in the future.  Without validation they can either make a mistake or put garbage in.


One of the main concerns that I am having to address as I am putting this together for my company is data quality. People are so focused on -- we don't want the data quality to suffer over time and we know people make mistakes that accumulate over time and makes things useless. So our solution has been to simplify and use only the basic hubspot functionality and not any of the advanced or newer features (which frankly are interesting and useful); just because we felt we are setting up our user base to make errors. So we are just avoiding  using any hubspot advanced features. We are looking it and nope while is a great feature -- do not implement as somone can do it incorrectly and mess things up.


I'll add a use case for creating logic-based validations in HubSpot. Example: We have a custom property named "Subscription Start Date". If the Subscription Start Date a sales person enters on a Deal record is less than the (Deal) Close Date + 30, we would like to prompt the user with "You must enter a Subscription Start Date that is more than 30 days after the Close Date".


as a long time salesforce user the lack of validation rules is starting to become a real annoyance. I would like to make sure that my SDRs do not change change stage from new to working unless they filled in company type (customer or partner). And so many other validation rules which are needed to kee CRM hygene. Like enforce time zone and make sure company is created. Ugh. This is so basic. 


Validation helps prevent subpar data. garbage in / garbage out... Validation rules can be complicated no doubt, but some of the simpler ones seem pretty standard these days.

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I was very surprised that Hubspot does not have this ability.  When requested during a client call, i assumed for sure this is possible.  I assumed incorrectly.  This is needed for data cleanliness in an enterprise product.  100% needs to happen.