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User-specific notes on records

Wondering if the ability to have user-specific notes can be added to the Sales hub.


Idea being that a manager might want to add their own notes to deals their reps are working, but would want to keep that visibility to themselves. It would also help remind them of a deal when they're working on multiple deals with multiple reps.


Possibly the ability, similar to filtering, where they can make a note private, public, etc.

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Sounds interesting. Apart from notes. I think it would also be ideal to be able to restrict emails, tasks, notes and other timeline events as either private or restricted per team. 


I would like that, as we are considering using the CRM for multiple separate teams, including our HR team who focuses on 'inbound recruitment'. however, not all their interactions (or properties) should be viewable or editable for the entire sales team. 


So that's why I would like private or restricted emails, calls, tasks and notes on a contact record. in this case the items mentioned should alsno NOT show on the the company and deal records' timeline.


I'd like this to keep some managment communications private from our sales staff. 


We have 2 managers over our sales team and there are conversations that would be nice to see in Hubspot without our team seeing. Usually, these are training issues, requests to speak with a team member, etc.