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Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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This is in planning - thank you all for your patience!


Additional background and context for anyone interested:

Many have commented that it's weird for HubSpot's page tools to offer a multi-language option while the blog doesn't have that feature. I agree - it doesn't make sense Smiley Happy  The tools look very similar - and the management interface is completely identical across all content tools. But in the back end, the code bases are separate (necessary, as a blog (RSS feed) is inherently different from pages in how it behaves), and there were some other tools (related to the fact that the blog tool uses a single template) that need to be made multi-language friendly before the blog can become multi-language. That's why HubSpot website and landing pages have had the multi-language feature for quite some time while the blog has not. 


My team is eager to provide you with the best possible multi-language blog. We've spoken to many already about their multi-language needs, but we're always looking to hear from more customers. If you're willing to share your thoughts and experiences beyond the comments here (I've read them all!), please book a time to speak with me.


- Snaedis 

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changed to: In Planning

I can confirm this feature is in planning. Please stay tuned here for updates. 

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@Giuseppe thank you for your reply. Do you have any live examples?

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I am trying to use this suggestion.


Seems like I can use only one template for translations. Is there any way to use different template for each language?

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 It's utterly ridiculous that paying customers have to 'vote' for such a basic feature...

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Just wondering whether there has been any movement on this at all. I agree with others in here that this is an essential given that we can already localise other parts of the website.

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when will this be updated? A HubSpot representative mentioned 6 months ago that this feature is confirmed.

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I agree, when do we get an update?


It's been a while and this is a pretty important feature.


Currently have a blog for a client in 6 languages = which means there are 6 blogs instead of 1 blog with translation options. Pretty silly imo.

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Agreed. Please, can you update paying customers on when this feature (a standard in almost all other CMSs) will be live?


My organisation has 10+ installations of Hubspot, each one with multiple languages. We need translation functionality on the blogs. It's not a 'nice to have', it's a necessity. Having separate blogs for separate languages is not practical at all, neither from a content management perspective nor a user experience perspective (plus, I fear, an SEO perspective).

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We have seen a big dip in overall traffic on our route site since switching over to our HubSpot subdomain blog. All signs are pointing to the blog being the culprit... I think this is more of a subdomain issue than an international language issue, however, I'm sure it doesn't help that our website is split out into an American and Canadian version while our blog isn't.  The Canadian site has taken a bigger hit, so it's likely the case. 


This is a necessity, not a nice to have.


Any update on this release ??

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This would make a great feature.