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Multi-language Blog

Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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Our website needs to house content in different languages, and we find it very difficult for navigation to be smooth, and difficult to manage the navigation in all the different languages.

That's what we would like to see:

1) Enabling an easy way to connect site pages and landing pages that have the same content but of a different language. When a page is created in English, then the same page should be automatically created in the other languages in the COS with the same settings and the same navigation options. However the page will not be published as long as the content has not been created in the appropriate language. I don't know if you know Buuteeq (a CMS for hotels), but this is something they do very well.

2) Special characters need to appear like their real format and not in code. We will want to create our site in German, Thai and maybe mandarin real soon.

3) Forms should also have the possibility to be multi-language; i.e. create the form in English, and then the form will be created in multiple language right away.

4) Possibility of tracking the language preferences of prospects and leads so we can nurture them in their native language. It would be even better if the language of the COS could be automatically set depending on the language preferences of the browser of the visitor.

That's all for the moment, but this is very important for us, as our markets are international visitors who prefer to read information about the country they visit in their native language.


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We have worked around this by having separate blogs within Hubspot for each language. There might be a better way

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Hi is there's any way to use multi-language for blog?


We have the same issue. We also work around by creating seperate blogs, however on the general blog pages (, all languages are in one list, so that is not very user-friendly. 

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Hey @Marius currently HubSpot's multi-language content tools only support Webiste & Landing Pages, but you can vote for this feature request here

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Totally agree - I do think it's a bit strange that since Landing pages have this feature, this wasn't implemented for blogs also (if you need one, you really need the other also...).


We're gonna have to use a work around by creating a different blog, but the blog names will look silly probably as they will include the language.. either that are use topics, but as there is no deeper hierarchy, the topics will be mixed, which also isn't what we want.. 


Hopefully Hubspot can implement this feature for blogs very soon!


I need this too. Creating a separate blog won't work for us because we don't have enough content to support a whole other blog site. But certain regional articles should be translated. Right now we have to create and email a PDF of the translation to our customers. Not great.


As Europe based company the multilanguage feature is neccessary not only for pages but also for Blogs. Its a bit odd to offer customers all pages in their respective language but not beeing able to also have the blog in the user language as hubspot does not support the feature there. So all the trainings about inbound marketing and easy access for the user respectively customer but then here the language barriere. I want to give my user the feeling that we are local and that not knowing the English language is not something bad, as my potential customer might now think. So get it done fast! We love our many languages in Europe and hubspot should respect this.

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I'm really hoping that translations for blogs will be announced very soon, as we're on the verge of having to duplicate our English blog for 5 other languages, there'll be 3 blogs, so that's 18 blogs to maintain, which is crazy work, also the pages won't be directly linked to each other which is plain silly 😞




Jus throwing this out there (sorry, new to COS), but can we not create a multi-lingual landing page / website page, and just include an RSS feed?


I guess there are limitations in searching and filtering?


Would love some insight.

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hey James,


- searching: the default search is a google search engine that displays results on a google page


- as for filtering, unlike a wordpress for example, there aren't categories (in multiple levels) and tags, but there is only one level: topics..


however, you can get the trick done by using the HUBDB 


HubDB is only available to HubSpot Marketing customers with the $300 Website Platform add-on. Marketing accounts with a Starter or trial version of the add-on do not have access to HubDB. For pricing information, click here.
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I agree, this would be a very important feature for many European or international companies. Creating separate blogs for different languages is not a very practical solution if you are planning to translate only some existing posts of your primary blog, instead of creating new, unique content. Keeping these local blogs active is another challenge for small marketing teams. I'm looking forward to any improvements that would make managing multi-language blogs easier...


I fully agree, that would be a great tool


We solved it, as some of you indicated, with two separate blogs for the two different languages that we post in.


But, we have one additional issue. The language of the document, <html lang="en">, is set for all blogs at once (because they're hosted on the same domain). That is not helping us SEO-wise...


So for us it is an absolute must to be able to set the language on the blog-level, which sets the html language.

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Right now you can only create 1 language biography per author. For a biography in a second language you need to create another author which can't have the same name. The only work around right now is to switch first and last name for the "second" author in a different language.


This definitely needed! Could even be integrated to support multi-lingual social media platforms. 🙂 


Our company has the same issue, our market covers the Americas and Europe, soon we will be expanding to Asia, we need a multilanguage blog as customers in some countries do not like to be advertised or show content that is not in their mother tongue.


I second this


I would also like to have the possibility to create a multilanguage blog!

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I'm kind of getting fed up of Hubspot support - as soon as we ask a question we get directed here.. and here nobody seems to help us out..


I can guarantee a few of our clients will be hooking off if there isnt a solution very soon.