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Knowledge Base and CMS Machine Translation Support

It would be amazing if Hubspot could integrate with services like Google for machine translations of thinks like CMS and Knowledgebase content. 


I know this will not be as good as content checked by humans and there are some 3rd party integrations that 'kind of' offer this. But an elegant integration with Google Translate or Amazon Translate would be amazing!

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PLEASE DO THIS. This would be huge for companies expanding to multiple global regions.


We are a small company and we can not support multilanguages manually. Our solution is out in 5 countries. Changing or adding a feature would require us to translate and copy screenshots in 5 different articles. 

Zendesk supports adding google translate to the helpcenter site. Example: 


Please support the same thing. 


Please make this happen fast! Every global company needs this...


I agree with the need mentioned. We are also a startup that does not have the human capacity to manually translate KB articles to plural languages. Just minor edits and adjustments are cumbersome to follow when we are to deliver to many languages. 


Our product development goes fast and both small and big changes happen quite frequently. This leads to a great need for changes in our KB, but again as soon as more than one language is to be delivered in our KB content, the workload feels very troubling to leap.


Please help us with some solutions in whatever form. 
And please give a feedback if this is something you work or do not plan to work with in 2023.


Yeah, we need it!

For example, let it integrate with Deeple.



Can only agree with the above.