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Knowledge Base Article - Multiple Categories

It would be very useful to have the same article appear in different categories.  I'm sure several use cases exist and many (if not most) users would find benefit from this.  I have two simple use cases that we would benefit from but I'm sure that there are more out there.


The first use case that we organize content in two ways - by type of product and media type.  We put all of our videos in one spot but would like to have those videos show up in applicable product categories as well.


The second case is we separate our Knowledge Base by the type of product.  However, some articles would be applicable to more than one product so it would be nice to be able to multi-list it and have it show up in more than one spot.  


In the current state, we have to either duplicate articles (and sometimes 3 or 4 times) or we have to choose the most applicable and hope our customers find it.  


I did find this in the community and kudoed long ago but went to check on it and it wasn't in ideas so I decided to post it here.

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Re: Knowledge Base Article - Multiple Categories
September 14, 2023 09:59 AM

Hi @AjayPatel24! Thank you for the tag 😀 The feedback on categories is absolutely on our radar, appreciate the follow-up, always helpful to know where people are finding blockers. We're currently focused on the idea that's requesting More flexible knowledge base design and layout, including custom HTML/CSS. It's been a big project, but we're making great progress. If that set of features applies to you, I recommend following along there! 

Re: Knowledge Base Article - Multiple Categories
May 05, 2023 10:52 AM

Hi there! Tilly from HubSpot's product team here 👋 Dropping a note to say we see this idea, and while it's not in planning at this time, we are hoping to learn more about how you all are using categories today to inform future development such as this idea! We are working on some concepts for creating and managing categories and wanted to see if anyone on this thread is interested in talking more with us and giving an opinion. If that sounds like you, feel free to send me a direct message and I'll follow up with next steps. Have a wonderful weekend!

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We have articles that fall into more than one category and because we cannot tag more than one category we have to duplicate the article instead. This will mean when someone searches the article in the search bar it will show up multiple times... not ideal. We would love to see the option to categorize an article to more than one category.


Any plan to add this feature in the near future? We are building out our knowledge base now and if we don't have to duplicate all the articles that would be extremely helpful to know if this is in the pipeline and has an ETA.





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Hi @amyward


This sounds like a no-brainer that would be desired by a lot of users. I imagine it will come in time. 


In the meantime, however, I recommend you post this over in the ideas forum.


Hope this helps. 


+1 for me, this would be VERY useful. 


That'd be perfect, hope it is added in future versions.


We're in the Service Hub trial and are specifically needing this function too. Freshdesk doesn't have it... who does?? We're a CMS provider and we target our KB articles to multiple constituents in K-12 schools and higher education. We have Admins, Publishers and Teachers using our page editor. Many of our articles need to be shared under all three categories... but many also need to remain in a single category. We don't want admin articles showing to teachers... but admins (just like teachers) may need help on editing pages as well. As it is, we have to create the same article under each category. 


Even a tagging function could make articles show up under multiple categories.


We've been waiting on this too.


Really wish this issue would be addressed!


Adding multiple categories per article would be really helpful!


Adding multiple categories to articles would be absolutely necessary for us!


Please allow an article to be included in mutiple categories for ease of reference.

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My use case is for trying to adhere to a single source of truth philosophy: if we have one master article for example about 'opening hours' this might need to live in multiple categories; opening times / facilities / food outlets and so on - a single article in multiple categories would prevent issues with conflicting info if articles aren't updated in sync.


I've upvoted this idea as my company has a use case for this approach.   We have really just started filling out our knowledgebase.   Our company supports two products which share similar features/components.    We want to keep the separate brand identities, so the ability to get to an article from more than one product oriented category would be great.   


Within our product categories we have 'training and education' sub-categories.  The ability for the navigation to intelligently know which category the user came from to enable links to return back to that category from the various links / related articles, would also be incredibly helpful.




It has been over a year since I created this idea.  Is there any feedback from HubSpot either way?  I just had to edit 4 articles that contain the same information because we had a change that needed to be addressed that impacted four of our product lines.  It was unnecessarily tedious and could lead to outdated/incorrect information if not all of the articles are found and edited appropriately.  


Yes! We are currently working on setting up our KB for our customers and would really like to place 1 article under multiple (sub)categories.


The KB is for our customers who use our SaaS applications. So a lot of Getting Started, User questions & answers and in-dept information about functionality and using the applications to get a certain results.


Our categories are the various Modules within our SaaS application and main topics such as Videos, Manual, Training etc. A subcategory is formulated on the question/problem from the customer's perspective.


What I'm running into now is that we have articles that can be placed under multiple categories. For example: We have explained the absolute basics in an instructional video for all new users. This falls into the category of 1 of our modules. But it also fits with Getting started and in the category Videos. However, I can now select only 1 Category.


Although it would be ideal to have the Getting Started category just be links to the article on the correct place. A kind of hub of the top usefull videos and information within the KB.


The suggested work around is to create the same article multiple times under the different catgories. 


Dear HubSpotler,


I need to appologize in advance for my heretical question, but why do you have this posibility in your own Knowledge Base (beside other functionalities), that are not available for your customers?


If I go for example into your Knowledge Base here ( I'm in the category regarding the Knowledge Base. If I click on the article Insert and manage anchor links ( it redirects me to another category as you can see already within the link.

It is not the service-tools anymore, but the website-pages.

Within the article itself, the upper navigation bar also shows a path back to somewhere else.


This definitly would be a very useful functionality.


@Brycelbrewer We are having the same issue with our KB. What we eventually did is instead of having 4 of the same articles. we have replaced the entire text with 1 sentence, namely: an answer or explanation can be found here <link to 1 article>.


We still cover the queastion/situation of our customers, but make it more managble for us. 


Agreed! I have one article that should be in 3 different categories. I cannot find a way to clone an artcile to do this thinking I will need to manually recreate the article as well


crucial feature - why is this so hard to add HubSpot???


OMG! A must-have for us too!

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I would also like to see an option to associate an article with multiple categories and sub-categories.