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IP Time Zone Property

Hi all,


As you know, email marketing is one of the powerful channels for marketers to boost revenue generation and brand awareness. According to Gartner, "Email has long had an excellent reputation for delivering in terms of ROI, but in a new report, just 47% of marketers rate it as an effective channel."


As Hubspot mentioned and it's obvious that we need to bump into prospects' inboxes at the right time and the day to enhance the open rate and also click rate for the email marketing success. Therefore, we need to schedule our emails based on our recipients' time zone.


However, I have challenges with utilizing this perfect service. As you know (or you can check HubSpot blog), HubSpot sends these emails according to the contact's "IP time zone" property. And most of the contact's (nearly half of the database)  IP time zone property is empty or missing. So what? We are sending emails to some clients at 3.00 AM!?


Do you have any best practices for this adjustment? How can I enrich this data or how can I increase the number of contacts with IP time zone information?



We are capturing country information of the prospects via forms. Therefore, my suggestion is maybe we can create a workflow or another method to add a time zone for the contacts whose IP time zone property is missing by using their Country info. However, HubSpot does not support that and also we can't edit it.



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Upvote x a million, the time zone send feature is essentially useless for us because of this! At least let us use the "Time Zone" field that we can update manually to send to!!!!!!


Yes! I have just spent a chunk of my time trying to update the property in bulk, only to realize it's impossible. Why does this property even exist?