Feature Request Tracking through Support Hub


I think it would be great if Service Hub had an extra section for clients to send in a feature request that goes into a community forum. A place where clients can come together and upvote feature requests and add comments. Right now we have clients sending in feature requests for our software as support tickets, and then we manage the feature requests externally from Hubspot, but we'd like to keep them all in one place. If there was another "arm" of Service Hub like Inbox and Knowledge Base that was shown externally to users like Knowledge Base would be preferred. The ability for clients to comment on other client's feature requests (like we do in this community platform) would allow the feature requests to have more than one point of view from our customers.  

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I'm upvoting this idea, but as I'm re-reading the ask it sounds like a good fit for the same platform used to run this community -- Lithium


Just a thought ...


Yes, the ability to track our customers feature requests and create an internal voting system that is tracked via HubSpot Service would be very beneficial. Is there anything in the pipeline here? 

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Just had the same request from a client. Great idea and happy to upvote!