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We struggle to keep the HubSpot documents up to date. The kinds of documents we store are white papers, overviews, decks, and general sales documents, but there is no way to automate the synchronization from the main place we store documents (Google Drive) into HubSpot.


Initially I just assumed that each of these documents must surely have a corresponding hidden file in the files tool, but upon testing it seems clear that this is an entirely separate file store and the only way to upload/update/delete files is manually through the UI.


It does feel a bit like the documents feature has been ignored over the last year (heck there isnt' even an option in the idea category for the Documents category)


As a company with many documents we share, and as a company who needs to ensure that sales teams always have the latest documents, we would like to automate the updating of existing document files. This would be ideally done through the API.

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Hi @arlogilbert,


This is an interesting problem and one that we do plan to solve in our app, CloudFiles. It is an enhancement over HubSpot Documents and solves many of its problems such as hierarchical analytics, workflow integration, number of downloads etc... We offer a feature called Cloud Copy through which you can connect an external storage and all the uploaded files are mirrorred to that storage.


However, in its current form, the app does not solve your problem. The external storage is only a 1-way sync. We do plan to implement a 2-way sync in the long run which would completely solve your problem.


For now however, we can perhaps create some sort of a workaround. E.g. we can provide you a refresh button on the CloudFiles widget which would refresh the file from the external storage. Someone will ahve to manually update the file on external storage (probably a marketing executive) and the sales executive will ahve to manually press that refresh button (and not re-upload the file like they are probably doing right now).


If perhaps, we can have a discussion, we can come up with a better solution. CloudFiles is available on the marketplace if you would like to try it out.


Hi there, 

Any chance this problem can somehow be solved? it has been a while since this question was asked but it still relevant today. 


When will this feature be available? I'm surprised this is even an issue considering how central documents are to Hubspot and the users at our company.


Yes we really need this as well.


Has anyone seen movement on this?