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Default Quote Countersigner

When Sales Reps choose to add a countersigner to a quote, the option is a picklist of HubSpot users. However, that list includes deactivated users. Two ideas to resolve:

  • option of assigning a default counter signer, per pipeline, so that if a countersigner is necessary, the Sales Rep does not need to think about where it should go. 
  • Make "Deal countersigner" part of role permissions so at least the list to choose from are people that should actually be a countersigner


Additionally, if neither of the two options work, deactivated users should never be available as an option to choose in a quote once they are no longer active. 

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Community Manager

Brilliant idea 💡  Added my upvote!


Yes!!! Please. Not having this slows down the sales process and items fall through the cracks.

HubSpot Employee

Hey Team, having a default user pre-selected reduces the manual work of having to select a user on each quote each time! 


We need this. We also need to enforce that countersigning always be enabled. It's imperative to ensure that A) Our reps cannot distribute quotes without countersigning enabled, and B) Cannot choose who the countersigner is.