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Customize Form Submission Notification Email

In the Form Options, there is a section where we can add email addresses who get "Notified when submitted". There is an automated email that gets sent that currently cannot be customized. Can we get access to customize this email?

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Currently I am doing this with a work-around (workflow).

It's always better to have it as an option from the system.
Voting for this.


me too! 


Also voting for this! Would also be great if a dropdown menu in the form could change the subject line for case management purposes.


Would also love to have this feature built in.  Would be great if we could include the contact source in the email, to avoid needing to click into hubspot and scroll through the complete contact history

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Yes i am also looking for a solution for this. I want the form submission to automatically send to the specified regional sales office. Not to one email that then has to be filtered manually. Is there a way to do this in a workflow? I have tried but it only sends an email to the regional sales office it does not attached the form submission. 



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I'm also looking for a way to customize the default form response emails.


At the very least we should be able to update the language in the templates. My client isn't fond of the term "progressive profiling" in the form submission. We know what it is and what it means, but others outside of marketing have raised an eyebrow or two and asked "what kind of profiling" which leads to a discussion of political correctness--which is not the intent at all.


The sudden return to Reconversion has caused some confusion as well. Is there a better way to put it?


I see three things we'd need:


1) Access to the templates to customize as needed. Yes, this would require some work in HuBL, but that's okay.


2) Access to the templates to clone them so we can create our own, but maintain the same exact style and design as the standard templates everyone is used to receiving.


3) The ability to select our own custom templates instead of the default without having to create a workflow to deliver them.

Thank guys! Keep up the good work!


Our current use case:

Customer submits a 'Contact Us' webform with their name, phone, email and message and the notification email is received from HubSpot Forms no-reply address.  We can't use a workflow to automate an email reply because each response needs to be tailored.  Currently, we can't simply reply or forward because the e-mail contains all HubSpot branding, HubSpot company name and address etc.  So we have to send a new e-mail and copy/paste the message across which is clunky. 


If we could tailor the form submission e-mail with our own branding and have the from address be the contact's email address, we could simply reply to the e-mail and maintain the enquiry trail with a professional format.




I would also love to see customizable form notifications! 

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Having a larger issue with the Sales team missing emails and conversation because the subject line isn't customized to help them. Really need this functionality ASAP. 


Yes, having a custom subject line is not a matter of preference.  This is a necessary feature that could cost us revenue if it isn't implemented.


I'd also love to be able to configure meta details about the submission like IP state/region.


Yes, this is very important to us as well.  Without the ability to customize the subject line, all form submission notification emails from a particular form are collapsed into one conversation when displayed in several different email clients (such as gmail). 

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Writting ideas on behalf of an user:

  • The ability to add company name and contact name in the subject of the notification email
  • The ability to customize the structure of email (Would like to make it more simple)

Just got this request from our Marketing leadership that want information that's not a click away.


Yes, would be so much better than having to create another workflow!


I am desperately waiting for this feature as this is offered by pardot.


Even with conversation mode turned off in gsuite were still having all of our emails bundled and sales are missing leads. We really need to to be able to have some unique identifier in the subject line. 


We absolutely need this.


Dear Hubspot team why simple request like ability to change at least notification title / name , or simple mailto: form submitter instead of no-reply hubspot address, takes so long to EVEN CONSIDER, RESPOND TO COMMUNITY, and put it into some updates timeframe??


Definitely hope this feature gets added!