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Custom Objects for Professional plans

I have several clients on Sales & Marketing Professional Plans, and they require the use of Custom Objects. CRM solutions like Salesforce include custom objects whatever edition/plan you subscribe to - and no matter how many users you have.


It's a shock that you have to be on an Enterprise plan to have access to a feature that is commonly needed. Of course I will explore the third-party Apps available, but please please please can we have Custom Objects at least for Pro-level products?


This is a huge disadvantage for HubSpot, if trying to position itself as a platform alongside the likes of Salesforce and others. You limit your potential target audience significantly if this isn't available on Pro plans.

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Yes we have faced multiple scenarios in SME B2B companies where Custom Objects would deliver excellent operational functionality and make HubSpot much more attractive. But that there is no business case, justification or appetite for an Enterprise Hub.

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Agreed. So frustrating. We have a client looking to switch to salesforce or even Zoho because the enterprise plan is just too expensive. Zoho!! Such a disadvantage.