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Custom Domain on forms

Hi. It would be great if the URLs for forms could be edited or linked to our domain, rather than the generic hubspot URL that it creates.



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This would be great as we've found that several of our client schools have web content filtering that appears to be blocking, so staff at those schools are apparently unable to submit HubSpot forms, which are necessary for gaining access to private content we host for them.  If we could set our custom domain as a CNAME to, then we would be able to bypass those filters automatically.


Edit: I should clarify that, for our use cases, the more important domain to address is the form submission domain (, since this domain getting blocked affects all forms whether they are embedded or shared on the generic HubSpot URL.  It would similarly be nice to use a custom domain when sharing forms (in place of, but this is a lower priority to us than ensuring that embedded forms work reliably.




was this request ever addressed?



Any update on this request?


We also have issues with this. We want to add questions and alternatives to a form but I understand it as once published, a form cannot be edited. Then we need to create a new form but the issue is that we have QR codes linking to the{first_form} printed on expensive cubes. Creating a new form would of course have a URL such as{second_form}. Given that we can't have the form on our company's domain and that Hubspot don't support redirects for pages leaves us in a catch 22 situation. 


Going forward we will always host QR printed URL's on our own domain but it would be great to have this resolved.