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Create a Follow Up Task when Sending an Email from the Inbox

When you send an email from a Company, Contact, Deal or Ticket record, you have the option to create a follow up task. It would be great if this functionality could also be available when sending an email from within the Inbox.

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Hi Team,


Noted there is a "Create A Follow-up Task" checkbox from various UI including email under contact/company profile and notes under contact/company/ticket/deal.


Can the similar be added to conversation inbox while CS agent is replying to a customer? Now they have to create a task as a separate action from replying email.


This can be very helpful. Please consider providing such feature. Thank you!


I support this request! Its possible almost everywhere else so why not here! There is most likely a huge possibility that a conversation is about SALES and then tasks would be the way to go for following up, not ticket since ticket is more useful in a support situation.


Support this and also a replicated idea that I think should mean these are merged with others.

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