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Calculation feature within reports

My suggestion is to create a feature that allows you to multiply/ divide/ subtract or perform a percentage calculation between two properties.


I'm currently trying to gather information to show an average number of licences sold per total number of deals and display this per month. Being able to show this in reports would prevent us from having to calculate manually 🙂



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Yes, this is crucial! Should be easy to add this feature in the Aggregation section. Just have a multiply or divide field


Totally agree!

In my case:

- I have a report with a table : a month per line

- Then, I have a column with the total amount of the deals (whose close date is the month)

- And another with the total number of products sold

- But I can't add a last column to do a simple calculation such as : Total Amount / total nb of products sold.


It seems so obvious to have such a functionality, I'm really disappointed it doesn't exist in HubSpot...


Note: I tried to create a calculated property, but it doesn't work when the calculation is on properties from 2 different objects...




Nevermind: I asked the question in the Community, and got an answer : this functionality seems to exist as long as you have an Operation Hub Enterprise subscription:







Getting back to this topic: not having such a simple feature in the reports feels really silly (dividing/multiplying/adding/substracting a value by another, come on!).

It's like selling a car but wheels are missing...


Sure, it seems that it can be done with Datasets, but it's like trying to kill a fly with a shotgun...