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Add a 'Trafic Light' 'RAG' Color Indicator Deal Property

Please add a 'Field Type' option in 'Create a new property' for color indicator.


This would allow the use of a traffic light indicator for key properties on the deal, meaning the health of the deal would immediately be visible.


Even better! would be the adding of a 'Traffic Light Matrix' where you could enter a list of labels, each of which would have a selectable R/A/G color block next to it in the 'about this deal' section on the deal page.  


The option to use color reporting indicators in an form would be fantastic though!


Many thanks for reading and voting for this suggestion! 


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I would love this at the Account level as well for Health Scores of customers.


This is an excellent idea and a great way for visual people to use boards more effectively! 


For our use case I would use the traffic light color coding to indicate if the customers started a trial account yet: no/red and yes/green.


I would use this all day to convey the health of a customer! 


This seems to me like a simple change that would have massive impact for displaying customer health (helping to position HuBSpot against the likes of Gainsight), contract status (highlighting contracts at risk of loss), deal prioritisation etc etc.  The list is endless.  I've seen it in the likes of Smatsheets (and Excel) - so I think it must be strightforward to do.




This would be a great value add for customer health reporting!

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Yes.  I'm a big fan of this idea.  We could use it across Deals, Tickets, Contacts and Companies to visually indicate health 


100% would utilize this feature, adding it to the property fields options would be a massive help for my CSM team in particular. 

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Hi all,


x-posting this recommendation from 2021. It feels like we've got two of the same requests here, so I'd encourage you to upvote this one as well:




This is a basic CRM function. We need this on an account level to track risk levels of our clients. It also helps sales know which clients are referenceable.