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Unsubscribe Link Error

Some of our contacts have emailed us they’re unable to unsubscribe from our newsletter by themselves. The unsubscribe link in the footer of our emails results in an error (please see attached screenshot). We are hoping this error can be fixed asap so our company communications can comply with the Privacy Act. Can anyone help?




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Unsubscribe Link Error

Hey @Chelsey, thanks for reaching out! 


I haven't personally seen this happen before, but it looks like other users have experienced similar issues in the past. Typically, errors like this tend to resolve themselves pretty quickly if there was a brief outage in the HubSpot servers, so definitely keep checking back in to see if the page goes back to normal.


If it doesn't, definitely open up a ticket with HubSpot Support. They will be your best shot at troubleshooting and resolving this issue! Be ready to share specific details about the issue, like when it first started, the names/records of contacts who are having issues, and what devices/browsers are being used.


Sorry I can't be of more help!

Jacob Olle

Director of Marketing Technology


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